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Ormekongens Argelist

Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

Ormekongens Argelist

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: December 6th, 2019
Genre: Black, Punk
1. Skred
2. Hug
3. Åråd
4. Tæft
5. Hævd
6. Slid
7. Hob
8. Tet
9. Snok
10. Arg

Review by Alex on November 25, 2019.

The Scandinavian trio that comprises Blot & Bod follow up 2017s Ligæder with more Viking battle themes on Ormekongens Argelist. The Danish bunch have been reason for attention since their demo which many punk/black metal supporters hailed. Their new album Ormekongens Argelist takes the same path in terms of sound and style with the punk/black metal elements scattered throughout their hymns, accompanied by some Celtic Frost moments. Though a bit shorter than their previous release Ligæder, Ormekongens Argelist carries the same pelting rage as its predecessor, all together with that lauded Scandinavian black metal sound and the occasional 'ugh'!

I think the question here lies within how much repetition the average hippie listener can sustain before a migraine forms. Ormekongens Argelist has an abundance of speed, however in the variation and soloing departments there is not much going on apart from what is supplied on 'Åråd' a few others. In addition to being monotonous, the material here is stripped down/raw creating a hostile overtone aided by constant yelling for vocals that altogether will be a turn off for people looking for diverse song structures and instrumental depth; even in being 29 minutes, the screech of rage persists after Ormekongens Argelist has ended its session of intensity, so even if you did manage to get through the clamor, you're left to deal with the hangover. Sorry for those hoping bastards, I don't think Blot & Bod's music was designed for the listener's comfort, Ormekongens Argelist is more a treat for the enraged and is worthy theme music for the bloody Viking battles of ages long gone.

The war metal influences manifest boldly but don't overtake the second wave Scandinavian black metal instrumentation; you can hear that on 'Hug' which in this case is not giving reference to the physical act of devotion; rather, a direct opposite of affection, that being 'chop' which Vikings did a lot and with great pleasure. 'Tæft' too brings the warring effect and its more of the same to follow even as some entries sacrifice a bit of pace for breathing purposes, with 'Hævd' and 'Tet' serving as examples.

In conclusion Ormekongens Argelist is an ugly firestorm from beginning to end with no concerns about what any hippie thinks; an approach often embraced by “trve” punk and black metallers worldwide; Blot & Bod takes advantage of this and put those to the test with their latest battle mark Ormekongens Argelist. Alot of people will have to fuck off and go elsewhere to get what they are looking for, none of that fancy new age shit, just guts, gore and anger, plowing through your moist ears.

Rating: 7 out of 10