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Orificial Purge

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Orificial Purge
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 25th, 2019
Genre: Death
1. Dispossessed In Rapture (First Wound)
2. I On The Knife (Second Wound)
3. Abscess Inside Us
4. Orificial Purge
6. His Sapphic Longing

Review by Alex on October 8, 2019.

How so sudden urges arise picking at the weakness of the biological; 6 more tracks laced in the sap of patricide, incest, lust and shame among many more transgressions here to satiate the itch. By the tongue that condemns, while the hands play in sinful discharge, Vastum reopens the damaged Hole Below for yet another intoxicating session of putrefaction and pleasure. Scrape clean the rust from the gates of maliciousness, crack open its welcoming stretch and penetrate its simulating, yet all the while venomous vulva, take a deep breath in honor of dignity before plunging deep into the pleasures of pacifism and puke uncontrollably before the wails of Orificial Purge. Vastum's bed is one of adultery, forbidden fantasies, suppression and ruthlessness, yet bodies climb into their luring sheets despite the multiple warnings; many a sin committed since being under their custodial carelessness directed by Carnal Law and yet amidst the flashing photographs of bondage and butchery, a sinister smile forms within the cheeks. Though misused till the anatomy has misshapen to that of a rag-doll, the comfort of sleeping amidst the nauseating stench of dried menstrual fluid and ejaculate has become an obscene obsession.

From the womb of death metal pelts Vastum with their 4th malpractice to make more sordid the deformed walls this medium. The agony of want has troubled their offspring since fondling the Hole Below; though their flirt with the spacy spooks of Spectral Voice in May of 2019 awoke hopes of more foul pleasures, it was not nearly enough to satisfy the depraved longing felt throughout the growling bowels of the genre. Here now amidst the glimmering light of masterpieces bestowed upon us like a series of tongue lashings from a feared, crooked, god-mother, Orificial Purge has arrived from the moral-less abode of Vastum. Keeping in tune with what appears to be the band's favorite number, (6) lewd exercises have been unorganized for those seeking a means to deconstruct their mental soundness and revisit their sickness. The swamp is active yet again, massage the tingle, cum play in the slit.

'Dispossessed in the Rapture (First Wound)' is but the initial puncture made, an opening to access the pasture of delectation; some reflections of Gorephilia's 'Interplanar' and 'Hellfire' materialize yet no-less intersticed from what constitutes a Vastum record. The seductress Leila, still very active as the hive queen with her signature sexual-guitaring touch and seducing growls, while her primary larvae companion Daniel, stretches the cunt's elastic to bursting widths through his dungeneous bellows. Bacterial contamination meets new levels, such does the debauchery during 'Abscess Inside Us' as riffs swirl ecstatically within the septic, molested and maimed muff, hence the call for an 'Orificial Purge' is made necessary to absolve the germinal quagmire. Sit and watch the minge absentmindedly cannibalize itself, till a gory gush of genital juices pour from its vacuum.

The Quim rests in convalescence from cruel copulation, washed of microbe, though sore and depleted of energy, is not free and is still subject to brutality: however, until recovery is complete, measures are enforced to seek out another chasm of charms regardless of origin or construct. Vastum is a creature of an ever-modifying DNA structure forming to fit fetishes; while the familiarity of Shelby’s riffing and Luca’s pulse are perpetrated, one can’t help but notice the face of the organism slowly morphing amidst Chad’s drumming antics. Consistent double bass now appears to be more embraced by the band though not used very much; those moments primarily come to light on ‘Dispossessed in Rapture (First Wound)’ and self-titled track ‘Orificial Purge’, offering contrast and tinkering to the meaty bosom of Vastum’s sound, but does not come at the cost of intimacy. The collective effort put forth ensures no ends are loose, thus binding this poking asset compatibly for the final presentation.

Still no sentiments are expressed for the ailing, what’s done has been done, heads look toward the horizon for what new promises and delights may arrive all the while prepping in hopes ‘His Sapphic Longing’ is fulfilled. ‘Orificial Purge’, upon inspection comes across as a celebration of Vastum’s journey thus-far, modules of all that is their makeup swim to surface and is then greeted by elements now a bit more espoused though not copious to ensure a total change in methodology. To be released October 25th, 2019 on CD, vinyl cassette and digitally through 20 Buck Spin; let “Limerent objects intrude a stunted psyche”.

Rating: 9 out of 10