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Supreme Command Of Satanic Will

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

1. In Fear Of Saturn
2. The Final Gate
4. Scythe Of Pestilence
5. Supreme Command Of Satanic Will
6. Blackened Hands Of The Impure
7. Heretic Terrorist

Review by Alex on October 19, 2019.

Canada has been at it for a while now ever since Blasphemy took-up the challenge of composing material that contained multiple layers of ferocity and complexity. Other bands saw that within such a medium, there existed ample room to channel hatred, frustration, fear and thoughts too extreme to be accepted in today's effeminate world. Having partook in the mayhemic commencements of Abysmal Lord and Antichrist Siege Machine, I could have sworn I heard the best war metal had to offer for 2019, hence upon hearing Trajeto De Cabra’s debut full length Supreme Command of Satanic Will, which according to what I found out, had been in the making since 2013, my jaw dropped. Supreme Command of Satanic Will gave me chills, the kind I would get from Lihhamon or Impetuous Ritual. Met with bristle venom, Supreme Command of Satanic Will is a terrain of utter hostility in beatitude of hatred and evil. A page is torn from Encoffination's "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" on ‘Scythe of Pestilence’ to convene the fruits of this sonic devastation. I am not kidding there is too much going on to absorb within one session, multiple playthroughs highly recommended. Supreme Command of Satanic Will comes across as a sick blend of war metal bands you would at least have heard once during your affiliation within the genre.

Weaponized occult treason of the highest degree lays unmovable like dead weight; abominable by every language under the heavens; marching all the way from Canada, Trajeto De Cabra shows no clemency, their propensity for the kill spins without control. ‘The Final Gate’, a testosterone filled bomb of barbaric, militaristic-drumming, desolate maws and wreck-frenzy riffs, taints the altar. Through this mechanical sound of sorts, persists a condemned aura I’ve felt, like that of an Impetuous Ritual, takes dominance; a funeral march taking place amidst poisoned air and land that has been burdened by the weight of corpses. Nothing grows here, the unfeeling ‘Scythe of Pestilence’ ensures all is doomed, slow be the footsteps of this notorious specter counting each limb truncated during the assault. Supreme Command of Satanic Will is a record that takes fucking names; war metal by heart, 6 years in the making and you can hear the results all through. ‘Cursed Graves of the Unanointed‘, the title track ‘Supreme Command of Satanic Will’ and ‘Blackened Hands of the Impure’ rouse some of the best moments you will hear on the album and 2019 ‘war metal’ in general.

Trajeto De Cabra have produced a devastating piece of material and coming from Canada I'm not surprised the quality is this good; then again if it falls under Iron Bonehead you know quality would be emphasized. Absolutely tyrannical though a bit technical and doomy (the funereal way) on some occasions, multiple hands act together in welding this murder-weapon. With all 4 members performing vocal duties, Supreme Command of Satanic Will refreshes often enough to keep the record moving, thereby preventing stagnation. There's just a little bit of everything available to extract and more times than not, your favorite black/death metal technicians the likes of Archgoat come to mind. Recommending a song would be pointless, this is not a rock and roll record, you would need to have already been cut by the barbed wire of pioneering bands to accept and understand this. Something this grand needs to be experienced in totality, no skipping through tracks, listen to the entire thing from beginning to end and be engulfed by this soiled session of militant bestiality.

Rating: 9 out of 10