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Capitis Capri Sancti

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Capitis Capri Sancti
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 20th, 2019
Label: Independent
Genre: Death
2. Triumf
3. Serrizim
4. Bluźnierca
5. Czarny Los
6. Memoriae
7. Królestwo Ciemności
8. Pokłon
9. Przymierze (Sacrillegium Cover)

Review by Rocky on June 16, 2020.

Vader have given Polish death metal a worldwide exposure, but lots of gifted bands remain far less known unfortunately, despite the quality and vision of their music. Magnus, Damnation, Betrayer, Monastyr, Imperator, Dark Legion, Trauma, Azarath – always deserve mentions and credits for their uncompromising contributions in the realms of pure death metal and death black metal. Many abovementioned bands slowly got lost in passages of time but then I unexpectedly came to know about Patricide. Having been formed back in 1993 and finally being able to expose their sole release after close to 30 years of existance seemed quite mysterious in the beginning. I have no idea what the band members have been doing for over a quarter of a century, but after I was introduced to Capitis Capri Sancti, it was crystal clear to me that why they felt the need to reappear from their caverns. The plain and simple answer is – due deliverance of mesmerizing and crushing Old School Death Metal.

If English is your primary and/or language, you won’t understand a single utterance, but sonically - you are up for the experience of hellish, apocalyptic, head-whopping, pounding, suffocating, and possessive characteristics of Polish death metal. Patricide, was founded in 1993, from the medieval Dębno, by two guitarists, Beliar and Baron. The band's activity falls on the years of 1993-94, during which the 10-song demo material was prepared, but strangely never officially released. After over 25 years of silence, Mantas and Baron decided to resume their activity and re-record some of the songs. The result is a new album of five compositions from the beginnings of Patricide (newly recorded), three new numbers and a cover from Sacrillegium (one of the first bands of Baron). The restored and reenergized album, titled Capitis Capri Sancti was released without making much noise, surely just waiting for each of the unaware souls, to be awe stricken and ravaged by its unmerciful bone-rattling brutality.

This experience will not only invoke Old School Death Metal times in the music, but as the songs' brutality mixed with slow and mid tempos, it spreads darkness over this album in every track. This demonstrates the consistency of the material for Capitis Capri Sancti, as well as the potential that lay in Patricide, 25 years ago. The blasphemous and dissident lyrics delivered by powerful, grim and dark growls in distinct Polish, gave nod to the strong traditionality. Also, another distinctive sign is the powerful production. The guitars are crunchy and the drums have an immense punch. The mix is crystal clear making each instrument perfectly audible without sacrificing a certain level of rawness. Each detail can be fully enjoyed, as evident in the tracks - ‘Triumf' (Triumph), 'Bluźnierca' (Blasphemer), 'Czarny Los' (Black Fate), 'Memoriae', and 'Królestwo Ciemności' (The Kingdom of Darkness); which will establish that this 46 minutes is not merely some length, but album beholding a fragrant piece of Polish death metal history.

Recorded between 2018/2019 in Norway, this album was released independently by the band (Digital) and also by the native Mara Productions (CD, Limited Edition, Digipak). Presented with an empowering album artwork, Capitis Capri Sancti, is a flashback and a tribute to the times when death metal reigned; which makes this album an absolute must-have for any collector of classic Old School Death Metal - who  shall spin it numerous times to pay admiration. Explore the release on their Bandcamp and find more about the band on their Facebook page. 

Rating: 9.9 out of 10