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Tank Tread Doctrine

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

Tank Tread Doctrine
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 27th, 2017
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Death
1. Extermination Creed
2. Tank Tread Doctrine
3. Ashes Rebuilt To Ashes
4. Eradicate The Afflicted
5. The Rites Of Deception
6. Vehement Slavekind
7. Time Consumes Existence
8. Collapse - Retribution
9. Of Bliss And The Endless Void

Review by Carl on April 24, 2020.

Whoa, this packs quite the punch, that's for sure! I know Wargrinder from their previous releases but this one wipes the floor with all that came before. If you happen to miss Angelcorpse as much as I do then this will certainly help to fill that void. The spirit of that band is prevalent throughout the whole of this album and it immediately establishes a nice familiar feeling.

The music on show here is executed with relentless energy and passion. The bulk of the songs speed ahead at high velocity and the listener doesn't have that much time to relax in between, and luckily so. This type of venomous metal is supposed to be delivered with aggression oozing out of the speakers. It isn't until the ending of 'Time Consumes Existence' and the instrumental album closer 'Of Bliss and the Endless Void' that sole member Warhead takes the foot of the accelerator and it allows for some breathing space to enter the maelstrom of malicious black/death metal while retaining a vitriolic heaviness to the music. The overall riffing is on par with that of Gene Palubicki's and it's probably the primary reason the music has the same sound and feel as that of Angelcorpse's classic "The Inexorable". It's a sound that I have certainly missed, that's for sure. What it could have used though was some searing leads to break up the monotony that, after a while, inevitably comes with the constantly raging assault on offer here. That's a small point of criticism that doesn't take anything away from this awesome album though.

This album is a more than enjoyable piece of malicious metal music. It's got the songs and the remorseless aggression to please all fans of brutal and precise black/death metal in general and Angelcorpse in particular, and Mr. Warhead certainly has the musical chops to back it up. This is a pretty impressive offering and until the day that Pete Helmkamp and Gene Palubicki perhaps decide to give it another go, Wargrinder should be easily able to fill the void that Angelcorpse left behind.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10