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No Divine Sings

Spain Country of Origin: Spain

1. In Search Of The Priest's Beads
3. The Hunt Continues (Buried Alive)

Review by Chris Pratl on January 23, 2020.

By way of Spain, death metal is sadistically offered up in the form of a band called MurderWorker, issuing its new EP called No Divine Signs. Within the 12-minute mark, I must say the music is quite good overall. Since this is my first foray into this tempestuous trio, allow me to ingest them as you will – with a smattering of horror and not a single shred of trepidation to be had.

The opening instrumental track titled “In Search of the Priest's Beads” (complete with a keyboard reminiscent of some Argento-esque horror films) didn't initially grab me but being an old-school horror fan such as I am its dated and simplistic sounds grew on me rather quickly. It wasn't until the second track kicked in, a sullen little ditty called “Warm Blood”. This treats the listener to a death metal slab that, while not new or even overly exciting, manages to complete its desired mission to slay and subjugate accordingly. Sometimes less is more, simplicity is its own reward, and that absolutely rings true here. The last track, “The Hunt Continues (Buried Alive)”, is much of the same brutal and entertaining sermon that doesn't get boring or overly anemic as the music wears on. I really like how this track beats up on the room without reservation or regret; it's really a solid death metal offering.

So, as for the techy side of this EP, the production is pretty good, with a certain flair for an even balance between heavy and tangible, with both being necessary proponents. The guitar sound is about as much death metal as it gets, resounding in a chasm of thick sound that creates the needed atmosphere for real death metal. The vocals, low and harsh in whispering tones (without going guttural and indecipherable) fit nicely in the mix. The brief time changes allow for variety, which is always a welcome parcel in this music, even if sorely missing in most of today's attempts at this music.

As for style? Well, perhaps some early Bloodbath, Entombed or even Edge of Sanity; you really can't go wrong if you like your death metal in the coveted OSDM vein. While not yet in the same league with the aforementioned death metal gods, these guys have the formula to do some positive things along their road. Since I've yet to hear anything else by MurderWorker, suffice it to say this is a pretty tangible effort, so, by all means, engage at will.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10