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Blood Of Qayin

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. I Am What We Are
2. Profane Breed
3. Regret Everything In You
5. Two Faced Shadow
6. Throne Of Whore
7. Blood Of Qayin
8. Hunter

Note: Digital, CD and vinyl on Spread Evil Productions, cassette on Azure Graal

Review by Felix on December 5, 2021.

The Finnish black metal sky is full of darkly shining stars and the one with the name Mimorium is rather unknown so far. That’s unfair, because the guys from the location with the catchy name Pieksämäki, Etelä-Savo are able to create ice titans that reach the high level of the songs of better-known compatriots. Indeed, Mimorium do not suffer from an overdose of individual features, but neither Aegrus nor Behexen have the copyright for cold, dense and occasionally melodic black metal. And so it comes as no surprise that already the opener sends pleasant shivers down my spine, although I wonder about its title. 'I Am What We Are' – for me, this sounds like “My Arm Is Your Legs”, but maybe this is just a typical problem of a non-native speaker. Anyway, this song provides all characteristics I want to hear when it comes to black metal from Suomi: an exciting beginning with militaristic drum rolls and a riff that slowly creeps out of the womb of hatred, clanking guitars, guttural and passionate vocals, intense high-speed sequences, an almost perfect mix of aggression (80%) and melody (20%), a bitter cold atmosphere and last but not least a coherent overall picture.

Fortunately, the opener does not degrade the following tracks to mere extras. From my point of view, the dragging 'Regret Everything In You' lacks expressive power and it seems to be integrated for the sake of (misunderstood) variability. I don’t say it’s a throwaway track, but already the next song, 'Left Hand Of North', brings back to mind the true strength of the band. Restless, hostile and equipped with freezing cold melodies, the piece races through the snowy woods of eastern Scandinavia. Mimorium pay nearly constant attention to intensity. They do not fall victim to chaos, but the whirlwind they create is impressive. The good production also contributes to this. It has the charm of a predator on the hunt, always willing to rip its victim apart. Maybe it is no coincidence that the closer is called 'Hunter'.

All in all, the homogeneously structured output provides an entertaining and ferocious listening experience. It clocks in at 41 minutes and leaves no questions open. Fans of bands like Malum should lend an ear to Blood Of Qayin, supporters of rather atmospheric than vehement black metal better stay away from this explosive full-length. However, one thing is certain: black metal and Finland is still a very thrilling and strong combination. I know, some sad creatures will moan about the missing originality (which is already indicated by the generic artwork), but that’s stupid. These dudes should eat their chocolate donut with pepper sauce, and they will realize that originality is no value in itself. While they do so, I prefer to listen to albums like Blood Of Qayin.

Rating: 8.3 out of 10