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United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

1. FRB121102
2. KIC8462852
3. PSRB1919+21
4. GROJ1744-28

Review by Elijah on January 31, 2020.

S/2004s3 shows that brutal death metal is still relevant, strong, powerful. Though the genre basically died off in popularity in 2005/2006, there's a select number of bands that still maintain the talent to make more material, this band being one of them. For most fans of brutal death, what you normally do is find the few bands that you like and you stick with those for a while. You try to find more bands/albums that you might like but it doesn’t appeal to you as much as your favorite bands do. Well, that’s this album's purpose. Im so glad I came across this EP, finally gave me some more stuff to listen to and appreciate.

For some reason this band is obsessed with space, specifically UFO's and the theory of aliens, and they do a pretty good job presenting it in their music. With the titles of their songs being names of planets/beings in space, and having literally all the lyrics in some sort of space language, and not any actual words. They pretty much get full points for that aspect. The intro is what prepares you for all the brutality this has to offer. Space, extraterrestrials, sci-fi, and monstrous alien creatures. It perfectly portrays the feeling and mood of space. Unknown and undiscovered, ready for upcoming action.

After the intro, you immediately get a face full of brutality, a constant riff with snare blasting to back it up, then the vocals come in and create the atmosphere they claim to present. This band has major talent and consistency with every track spread-out and written creatively. The bass is very present on this, and adds more backbone, crispiness, and vibe to the music. And once again, the drums are just downright amazing; the sound of the drums themselves, and the drummer's musical ability. The musical aspect gets a 10/10.

All the instruments are good, and all tracks are definitely worth the listeners' time. Good drum sound, especially the snare, perfect guitars, noticeable bass, and great vocals. The vocals are just the good amount of high and low, the perfect balance. There isn't anything bad here at all, no downsides, no disadvantages at all. The lyrical content is on point, the musicality is on point, literally nothing at all is wrong here. One of the most talented, flawless, perfect brutal death records I've ever heard.

As I said in the beginning, this EP shows that they brutal death genre is still alive today in the underground and that the artists are still going at their bests and most talented. This opens up the gateway for more upcoming brutal death metal to spawn in the underground. I wish this band would make their debut album already, if they can make an EP this flawless, imagine how that album will be. If you haven't heard this EP already, go listen to it NOW. I guarantee you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Rating: 10 out of 10