Goat Terror

Unholy March

Belarus Country of Origin: Belarus

Unholy March
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Type: Demo
Release Date: November 15th, 2019
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Death

Review by Alex on February 17, 2020.

It is imperative a farmer acts in the best interest of his animals given they have been very productive to the cause. Nutritional or even hygienic neglect can pose a devastating impact on the morale of a particular animal or livestock, thus affecting the mood of the animal/s which may in some cases get seriously out-of-hand. I'm speaking of Goat Terror which as of late has been the talk of the locale after one farmer in particular was unable to meet the hygienic and nutritional maintenance demands of his poultry, according to reports. In an act of retaliation and defiance, the goat has been on a spree of causing massive uproar on the farmlands, from physically afflicting other animals by venting outrage and dissatisfaction, to taking a full-blown swing at human beings. This latest ruckus being "Unholy March" has escalated to the point of attracting the attention of world peace organizations to seeing the involvement of international terror monitoring institutions now trying to disarm the situation via peace talks with the beast in question. What started as disdain for one’s owner has mutated into a genocidal death-wish upon all of mankind; what could have been prevented simply through undivided attention and care, has met a point of no return. Up in horns and counting down humanity's last days are 4 fully weaponized tongues from the mouth of this creature, attacking mankind and his useless religions.

'Thou I Proclaim (III Nails to Each God)', 'Unholy March (Death to All Alive)' and 'World Sacrificed to Satan' are the inflexible set of proclamations passed down from a creature utterly fed-up with all things human and Right Hand Path. Of a condemning tone and sharpened blade, the skin is left to the mercy of a heartless entity bent on delivering malignant blows to the pillars of existence; loudly unsound barked out vocals, agitating riffs and demolition style drumming usher in the un-sanctimonious dispersion of pain in a mere 9-minute session. Overlooked by the vast community of warheads, now swarmed by a cavernous, bound to detonate ill-will, conspires with hostility to usher in the end. Efforts to bring the matter to a calm close have proven to be ineffective and so destruction begins. Of black/death spoken from the mouth of the beast nothing is safe from the sonic onslaught, rivaling other outrageous compositions of 2019 in terms of brutality and structure. These barbaric technicians make clear their purpose and with such urgent material their presence ripples through the underground.

Rating: 8 out of 10