Little Chasm Of Horrors

United States Country of Origin: United States

Little Chasm Of Horrors
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Type: Demo
Release Date: February 28th, 2020
Genre: Doom
1. Descending Into Chasm Dionanea Muscipula
2. Sphagnum Bog Of The Depraved Droseracea
3. Closed Shut (Enzymatic Death By Digestion)

Review by Alex on February 19, 2020.

Yes it’s coming from American Southeast again, up to no good with their sewage scented gurgling, grimy death metal. A municipal collection of horrors blasted from hose in the trenches and smeared throughout the landscape. Ugliness meant to be devoured savagely if filth this sort appeals to your criteria. Can’t say you will find any appreciation in this if you haven't yet let the underground soils seep in, so the stench may be very nauseating to you, not that the band cares, but just a measure to inform you. Dense, slow, groovy, chunky and stoned, such is Little Chasm of Horrors, a three track demo emanating the fumes of a death metal territory respected and mimicked for decades. ‘Descending Into Chasm Dionanea Muscipula’ instigates the descent, pummeling through a sluggish lava-like movement of gooey vocals and breakdowns thickening the septic matter to be merged with ‘Sphagnum Bog of the Depraved Droseracea’s stoned putrescent excretions. Once sucked into the floating force of repulsion, say bye by to the existence that once was as ‘Closed Shut (Enzymatic Death by Digestion)’ applies acidic properties to aid in the structural decomposition meant to be absorbed and excreted. A digestive process it seems, though a very painful one of powerful chords, regurgitating chugging and a punk-like internal puking mashed together with xenomorphic vocals. A must have!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10