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Unfold The God Man

Belgium Country of Origin: Belgium

1. All I Saw As A Huge Monkey
3. Kabuddah
4. The Fall Of Consciousness
5. Sananda
6. Celestial Dictator
7. Halls Of Amenti
8. Nexus
9. Nothing Is Consciousless

Review by Adam M on April 7, 2020.

Psychonaut are an incredibly interesting outfit that offers something new to the post-metal genre.  We all know bands like Isis, Neurosis and Cult of Luna and they deliver their own unique style to this genre as well.  Psychonaut’s sound is more varied than any of those bands and has an appeal in its innovative nature.  The album starts out with a spellbinding instrumental number that grooves along and gets us ready for the remainder of the recording. 

There is an abrasive aspect to the band, but also a more restrained one that leads to a varied and compelling sound.  The songs are fiery like Neurosis, but held back by a more natural sound that is nonetheless appealing in its own way.  The songs here still have a weight to them, but not to the extent that Isis for example takes them.  The result is an album that takes a number of different elements and blends them together nicely.  The work is challenging enough to listen to, but like other post-metal bands becomes more rewarding with repeated listens.  There is also a sense that the band is having fun with their performances and it makes this album burst full of life.  There is a feeling that this type of music has been done before by different bands and not quite to their greatness because it has a melding of elements and doesn’t push one of them to its maximum potential.  This is still an early forerunner for the best album in the post-metal genre early in the year and a nice beacon for things to come. 

Fans of the bands that are name-checked should take a close listen to what is on display here and be held in wonder that there is an entirely new entity within their line of work that is fresh and brings a diverse array of sounds to the table.  Their use of heaviness is done nicely and balances with some more moody moments for a complete experience in Unfold the God Man

Rating: 7.7 out of 10