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Death, Rule Over Us

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. Breslau
3. Doomsday Melody
4. Ray Of Darkness
5. Primordial Incest
6. I Have Crowned Myself
7. Death, Rule Over Us

Review by Arek on November 17, 2020.

Shodan from Wrocław released their second album through Deformeathing Production. The album features 7 tracks, throwing the listener into death metal abyss made by Shodan for over 41 minutes.

What is this death metal served by Szczepan and his team? As a proud observer of this genre since its birth, I have to admit that Shodan was on the watch list since the release of the first album, so to try to answer this question I dusted off Protocol Of Dying released 4 years ago. Shodan can be characterized by energy, disturbing melody and a technical element. The death metal they serve is not without distortions, especially those after the collisions with HC and thrash / groove, which became even more visible in certain elements on the second album.

HC influences are most heard in Szczepan's motorics and vocals, and the thrash / groove in Panteralike 'Fuel To Grandeur'. Moving on to Death, Rule Over Us I must say that the album lost some of the moto-rhythm that the debut was proud of. Although I cannot say that the guys are silting it up, oh no, especially the drummer knows how to beat the crap out of his set... but on the second album, youthful rage has been transformed into variety and melody. Unfortunately, I must say that by gaining something that should be an added value, they've lost something. I can't say what yet, but they've lost that magical "something".

Maybe it is the pupal stage, and on the third album, this butterfly will shine with a whole range of colors, or it will turn into a dark and compliant moth. I will certainly continue to observe them, because the potential and skills are there. I can even say with full responsibility that by tearing this album into pieces you can find masterful features in them. In addition to the already mentioned 'Fuel To Grandeur' I'm a bit into slightly long 'Ray Of Darkness', agressive - 'Primordial Incest' or tainted with sadness, with Coroner's beginning - 'I Have Crowned Myself', though also a bit stretched up. Instrumental part and sound engineering... there is nothing to find fault with. Each of the musicians showed up. I like the bass lines, for example, the drums also work like a Swiss watch, and those solos, eh. But still ... Yes, something is still missing, something went wrong.

Ending this word works, I refer you to Death, Rule Over Us, because who has not heard it, does not know, and ignorance is a bad trait. I got to know them and I will look forward to their third installment with the hope that the transformation will take place.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10