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Carnivore Carnival

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. He Loves You
2. Slaves
3. Krasnodar Kitchen
4. Grind The Filth
5. Fire Walks With Me
6. God's Coffin
7. Jason's Cardio
8. Witchfucker
9. We Did It
10. Have A Faith
11. No Longer
13. Wild Hunt
14. Chvrch Bvrner
15. Death By Sawing
17. Panzer Church

Review by Arek on December 8, 2020.

Hostia is four mysterious gentlemen: St. Xystus-bas., St. Evaristus-dr., St. Anacletus-git., St. Sixtus-voc., and Carnivore Carnival is their second album. This time around the publisher is a well-known Deformeathing Production. The album consists of 17 songs and death-grind chants.

Somehow I didn't have the pleasure of testing their debut Hostia, so I reached for the band's Bandcamp resources. I have to state clearly and unequivocally - already the debut kicks ass mercilessly. After 'reading' the first album and a week of convalescence, I started Carnivore Carnival. A mildly warning introduction is only a foretaste of this musical massacre and it happened quickly - a few shots in and I was already lying on the floor. Jeezus the Unmerciful how I like such music. If you know the works of Nails and spice it up with a bit of Terrorizer, heat it up with the old Napalm Death's fire then you already know what kind of feast this godless quartet has prepared for us. This is the grind. Fleshy, bloody, enriched with the metal of death grind.

Compositions are short, thanks to which the targeted blows hurt less. You won't have time to prepare for any of the next ones. Although Hostia did not come up with anything new and you could say that it reheats the old chops, it's the way how they do it? The paces range from lively grind-waltzes to grind-storms. St. Sixtus' vocals will satisfy all death metal deviants, but lest it not be that with the growl the Carnivore ... stands. We also have a genre cross-section here and maybe only the pig's squeals and grunts were missing, but somehow it did not damage the quality of the album. Drummer also knows how to pop, knock, and tick. Master of its art he is, but I feel sorry for the live performances, it's a real drumageddon or crosshit! I will not choose my favorite songs because they are too short but each of them has something in it and it hits just the right spots. Don't believe it? Go check it out yourselves!

The album was recorded at the Warsaw JNS Studio with Janos behind the table, which is probably a sufficient indicator of sound quality. Łukasz Pach took care of the cover art and I have to admit that he did a good job. You want to have and own such albums. The music will kick your ass, the graphics will please the eye and only concerts are missing here !!! Do you like death or grind? Don't even hesitate - I sincerely recommend it!!

Rating: 8.8 out of 10