Baphomet Altar Worship

Portugal Country of Origin: Portugal

2. Council Of Nuclear Holocaust
3. Conjuration Of Southern Elitism
4. Chariots Of Nocturnal Wrath
5. Shrine Of Antichrist
6. Merciless Profanation
7. Barbarity Enthroned
8. Luciferian Thrones Of Devastation
9. Cavernous Onslaught

Review by Alex on December 18, 2020.

Returning with their 6th full length album the Portuguese sect known as Satanize have crossed many an ocean, lit many a black flame and performed many a ritual under the sigil of darkness since 2006. In the here and now, at a time of already existing chaos, the mist lurkers set forth to apply their forsaken taint to the world. From down under, to the exalted skies, Satanize respond to this age of wickedness and vilinity with 29 minutes of their own condemnation. On Baphomet Altar Worship you get nothing but blistering, steel swinging, skin slicing black metal. The kind of black metal that keeps the core philosophy close at heart and does not compromise its integrity to please or appease any fuck. You know, the kind of stuff you'd hear from Revenge or Archgoat, a formidable form of black metal that has not a word of kindness or gratitude or remorse to utter. 9 hideous tracks from head to toe, the musicianship is straight fucked, ugly and brutal from the very first thrust of the dagger to the final. Enter at your own risk.

Just look at the artwork, what did you think you'd be getting; Christmas hymns? fuck no, only chaos and obliteration starting out with the self titled ritual opener 'Baphomet Altar Worship', then proceeding down to 'Council of Nuclear Holocaust' (kick ass title by the way) you begin to feel the hammer-style philosophy Satanize inact on their craft of carelessness. All the while, there is meaning and established order to the sounds of vitriol you hear. Beneath all this, there is technical ability and a watchful eye on the compatibility of each riff, drum stroke, and vocal belched and hawked. They've been under the mark of the beast for 14 years with regards to black metal hence, do not dare lump Satanize in with those that only make noise. Purpose is one requirement to meet the conditions of integrity in black metal and Satanize showcases that with evocations such as 'Shrines of Antichrist' and 'Luciferian Thrones of Devastation'. Two monstrous tracks proving to be testament to the band's existence and continued dedication to the formula and path.

Rosaries set aflame, temples reduced to rubble, Satanize carve out a domain of peril on Baphomet Altar Worship that you just can't pass up if you are a revenge or Archgoat supporter, or if you were looking for something that just sounded pissed off to the maximum. Great apocalyptic tunes, great musicianship, the blackness and barbarity exalted thoroughly. Fittingly to be released through Helter Skelter Productions, January 20th 2021 to kick start the new year with sonic terror.

Rating: 8 out of 10