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Über Den Sternen

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. The Three Flames Sapphire
2. A Lucid Tower Beckons On The Hills Afar
3. The Oaken Throne
4. Moonrise
5. The Archer
6. The Wild Swans
7. In The Morning Mist

Review by Adam M on February 28, 2021.

This album brings with it a dark folk presence that is difficult to ignore.  Now there are some more powerful moments, but for the most part this album is relatively gentle.  The use of dynamics recalls Opeth greatly and shows the versatility of the band. Though Empyrium focuses on folk, there are passages here that are black metal oriented as well. Über den Sternen is the best we have so far this year in the Opeth mold and makes its rich and rewarding experience well known to all. 

We can sense the dynamic shift from the first couple of songs alone as they shift from gentle to more intense and foreshadow a lot of what one will hear on this album. The vocals alternate between chants and harsher black metal style and always fit the soundscape perfectly. The use of acoustics is nice, but other sections showcase a great deal of emotion as well.  This band is clearly putting passion into their performance and it shows time and time again.  Another reference point would be Agalloch and indeed the folk aspect of the band recalls them greatly.  Being compared to two such bands is a great compliment and the band certainly lives up to their potential.  There are moments where one wishes the album would be more powerful, but for the most part the mood set is absolutely perfect and suits the band’s sound.  If they made their songs more progressive, they would be even more interesting, but I believe the band has stumbled upon a perfect formula here. 

The entire listening experience is wonderful and should set the stage for what is to follow in the year 2021. Fans of folk metal and even a lot of black metal will find something to like here and enjoy this greatly.

Rating: 8 out of 10