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Nailed Into The Coffin

Estonia Country of Origin: Estonia

1. Intro
2. Deicide
3. Legal Genocide
4. Stupid Thoughts
5. Terminator

Review by Michael on December 14, 2020.

Koffin is an old school death metal band from Estonia, formed last year. Apart from the singer/guitarist of the band, none of the other band members seem to have been active in any other band (at least according to Metal Archives).

The demo Nailed into the Coffin, which is now released as a CD by Morbid Chapel Records, consists of 4 songs plus intro. The production is pretty good for a demo, the sound is pretty clear and you can hear every instrument. I've heard worse by far (even regular studio albums...). Koffin seem to have a preference for old Scandinavian death metal bands. After a short bell ringing, the first song 'Deicide' starts with a very catchy riff reminiscent of old Entombed. But wait, the vocals. This is more Finnish death metal school à la Demigod or Funebre. Something quite old Sentenced can also be recognized. Koffin seem especially cool when they increase the tempo a bit and build groovy parts into their songs.

I'm curious to see how the first regular studio album of Koffin will sound. In my opinion these guys have great potential in any case. The demo is definitely a good start! Everyone who likes scandinavian death metal of the early 90s should at least check this band out, I will keep an eye on them!!!

Rating: 8.3 out of 10