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The Eternal Fall / Resurrection Absurd

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. Burnt Identity
2. Female Infanticide
3. White Gallery
4. Pits Of Utumno
5. Eternal Sanctity
6. Dictated Deliverance
7. Travel
8. The Afterthought
9. Selected Killing
10. Lies Of Distrust

Review by Carl on December 17, 2021.

A release like this is perfect for a lethargic bastard like me, who is just too damn lazy to get up and flip a record over when it's done. Just press play and here we go again. And for you reading this: I am also saving you the effort of reading the separate reviews for both the Resurrection Absurd and The Eternal Fall EP's. You're welcome.

Morgoth is one of those bands who were pretty early in on death metal, and you can definitely hear that, because this stuff is as old school death metal as can be. It is no surprise that they owe quite some to those that came before, the early works of bands like Death and, especially, Pestilence have been of enormous influence on the sound of Morgoth. Like those mentioned, Morgoth still has a bit of thrash metal DNA running through their sound, but fleshed out with lower tuning and an increase in velocity. Especially of note are the harsh vocals of Marc Grewe, keeping the middle between Chuck Schuldiner and Martin van Drunen, and his voice adds a genuine malevolent edge to the pounding death metal they dish out here. In the music the band know how to keep a good balance between midtempo and faster parts, which makes for songs that stay to the point and interesting, without losing their intensity.

The first five tracks come from The Eternal Fall and they show some very subtle traces of evolution compared to the last five that come from the earlier released Resurrection Absurd. The compositions sound more thought out and in songs like 'White Gallery' and 'Pits Of Utumno', the band adds some atmospheric touches in the form of subtle keyboard touches, which work really well in the music. The last five on this compilation are older and limit themselves to pure old school death metal mayhem, and sound a bit more basic in approach as the five that came before, but are still very much worth your attention. I'd say even more: this is some great death metal in the old school way, simple as that. If you are into old school death metal: check this out if you haven't already.

In the years that followed, Morgoth started to experiment more and more, with some pretty mixed results. By the mid 90's they managed to estrange their older fans by completely abandoning their death metal roots, which also kinda killed their career. I have not yet heard any of their post reunion stuff, but keeping in mind what other reuniting bands have put out these last years, I am a bit wary to say the least.

Rating: 9 out of 10