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Symphony Of Glory

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. Welcome (Intro)
2. Time And Space
3. Miracles
4. Seize The Day!
5. Hand Of Fate
6. Wings Of Freedom
7. Spanish Eyes
8. No Release?
9. Chamber Of Secrets
10. Be Thy Cross My Victory
11. Symphony Of Glory

Review by JD on December 19, 2010.

Do you hate when a trend gets too overdone. Time after time everyone seems to sound like everyone else in the world. I hate that the most, even when there is no plagiarism going on. It just seems like a cheap way to go sounding like someone who has actually worked to get the sound through hard work and creativity.

Sounding like a Frankensteining of Dragonforce, Trivium and Yngwie Malmsteen on too much espresso. Norwegian Prog-Metallers Gaia Epicus sound exactly like these three bands all rolled up into one. Which is not even suppose to be a compliment. With a lack of any sense of originality to the music and way over the top production that sucks what little soul the music had, the whole CD just falls flat.

Songs like ‘Wings Of Freedom’ and ‘Time And Space’ are just cut and paste versions of Mr.Malmsteen sitting in with Dragonforce, to the point of stupidity. While the ten minute yawnfest of ‘Symphony Of Glory’ is a sweeping epic- an epic that has nothing to offer other than boredom from people who are trying to masturbate on the guitars for no reason. This track goes nowhere musically except for being a vehicle for all of the egos in the band.

It is really horrible when a band cannot or will not try to do something original due to either a lack of ambition or just outright arrogance. Sad thing is that bands make money doing this all the time, but the true metallers will see right through it and not listen. Gaia Epicus is one that will be overlooked... and for all the right reasons.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 4
Production: 6 (over production hurts)
Originality: 2
Overall: 5

Rating: 5.2 out of 10