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The Plague Of The Aeons

Chile Country of Origin: Chile

Review by Alex on February 24, 2021.

The Plague Of The Aeons marks the first release of death/doom metal band Sporae Autem Yuggoth making landfall from Chile. From what's presented, it appears to be an effort by members of melodic death metal band Ruins of Agony that is currently on hold. I haven't had enough time to look into what that melodic death metal band had released while active but what I can tell you is this debut EP seems to merge melodic influences with the death doom metal formula. A ritualistic embodiment of sorts, ancient and esoteric in some ways yet still modern to an extent. The Plague Of The Aeons is the partial shedding of sonic skin to take on a new form.

Now this EP is 30 minutes long with 4 songs each spanning about 7 minutes. The production sounds very eroded, cloudy, suffocating and claustrophobic, the vocals benefit from this as the voiced gasping growls sound woven into the mix rather than dominating it. The guitars have their highlighting moments and gel well with the rest of instrumentation. The drums do not dominate nor appear to be suppressed, instead they play a more supporting role in favor of the vocals and riffing. The songwriting is effective and unpredictable at times and are augmented by beautiful riffs, thus once again going back to the fact that most members within Sporae Autem Yuggoth played in Ruins of Agony. You can hear it come out on tunes such as 'Teleport to Obscurity' and 'Cathedral of the Abuser' that spontaneously transition into sparkling guitar solos that seem to capture the spirit of death/doom.

However what I love the most about The Plague Of The Aeons is that it has a very local and organic overall sound and brings back memories of when I had first heard Dead Void's debut demo. Very akin to the old school yet still very much possessing some of the band's own musical characteristics all along with a feeling as though it was recorded live in some abandoned or forbidden place of worship in Chile. Very impressed with what was conjured on this 30 minute exercise in evil, it will be interesting to hear if they decide to carry on.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10