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Turris Eburnea

International Country of Origin: International

1. Unified Fields
3. Syncretism Incarnate
4. Malachite Mountains

Review by Alex Grindor on March 2, 2021.

Chaotic, ever-changing, twisted, somber, and many more ways I could call this EP would not suffice. International duo Turris Eburnea's debut EP is a maelstrom of sonic dissonance, twisting at every way possible yet maintaining a coherent union throughout.

Dark melodies entwine once in a while amidst the hurricane of horror unleashed through this 4-track EP. From hammering, crawling doom riffage to mid-paced headbanging breaks to outright frenzied outbursts, this little record has more than enough to satisfy everyone. The drums pound with an adequate amount of reverb, delivering fills and executing abrupt changes in mere seconds. Guitars are very dissonant, intertwining with each other, sometimes complementing others sometimes going in their own way and then converging in chaotic moments that resolve suddenly. Bass goes along with the guitars, though it actually stands out in the mix, which it's something I truly appreciate. It also has its own shining moments throughout the record. Vocals are really well done, with your standard low-growl and high-shrieks delivered in equal measure, with some moments where vocals actually do some spoken verses. Intertwined in the midst of all of this are some clean guitar melodies, which just add more to the overall dark tone of the EP. 

The songs have quite a lot of variety, with many twists and turns, dissonant melodies and crushing riffs. My only gripe would be track 3, as it's an over-extended instrumental that could've been a bit shorter without compromising the EP. Still, with just 4 tracks Turris Eburnea has showcased an outstanding musicianship, molding death and doom to their will. Fans of Deathspell Omega, Pyrrhon and similar bands will have quite a treat here but it's a record that I recommend to all fans of extreme music.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10