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Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

2. Autonomous Warfare
3. Below The Frozen Tundra
4. Empyrean Lifeform
5. Dictate The Believers
6. Blinded By Wisdom

Review by Alex on February 13, 2021.

When did I first catch-ear of the name Deiquisitior?, 2014?, 2016?, can't pin-point a specific date or accurately recall a year, but I do recall the buzz around Downfall of the Apostles. However, even at that time, lending an ear to the noise coming from the Danish death metal trio was somewhat of a struggle due to being saturated in so many other great releases both prior to the release of Downfall... and records released at the same time. However, I knew the name would arise again and under more ideal circumstances.

2019 birthed Towards Our Impending Doom and once again the timing was really wrong at least to facilitate my interest in the record, but from what I was able to hear scantily of, that record is an unearthly uproar of death metal, Danish Style. Then skip to now and look at what showed up in the promo box, the band's newest act of tumult, Humanoid. A 25 minute EP that sounds like vocals, drums and guitars have been weaponized. Pummeling from beginning to end, Humanoid is mayhemic, warlike, yet a very tactile inoculation into death metal itself.

Play this one loud, 'World in Flames' is hazardous and heinous, the drums and the punchy production conspire to paint an atmosphere that is a total mess, much like the current state of things these days, any minute we could be 2 minutes to midnight or perhaps we already are. We just haven't noticed it. Deiquisitor manipulates the instrumentation to mimimic that of a chaos drenched species; the vocals here are just vile and pulsing with a totalitarian punctuation that demands undivided attention. The drumming is thunderous, hostile and technical while the riffing here makes warlock-like additions to the unyielding ruckus.

The sonic turmoil is just taken to the next level from there-on, with tracks like 'Autonomous Warfare' and 'Empyrean Lifeform' mustering vicious instrumentation in support of the concept tackled by Deiquisitor on Humanoid. A rupturing array of blast beats and bulldozing bass-lines augment the riffing recklessness all the way through the final track 'Blinded by Wisdom'. Like military machinery going absolutely haywire, Humanoid reminds listeners of the all too futile and vulnerable plantation they exist on called Earth.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10