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Septic Funeral

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

2. Black Liquefaction
3. Live Again
4. Onward To Death
5. Carnivorous Subjugation
6. Coffin Mulch

Review by Alex on February 17, 2021.

New UK death doom metal offenders Coffin Mulch dig deep and go way back to the golden age of the genre to deliver what is perhaps one of the best death/doom EP's I've heard in a while and an early 2021 EP of the year contender. Cold cavernous growls, indistinct barking through the microphone equipped with bassy riffing and drumming muscularity I've yet to hear for a long time. This EP under the title Septic Funeral complies with the genre's main characteristics but is not afraid to add punk metal elements such as on 'Carnivorous Subjugation' in a reckless buildup to 'Coffin Mulch'. Their sound and technique is definitive and never sounds to be feeling its way around. These guys know what they are doing and the music on Septic Funeral is more than enough evidence to convince the veteran listeners.

More tracks could have utilized that bouldering growl heard on opener 'Septic Funeral' which is the favorite off this hulking beast of an album, and it should be added that the vocal dynamism is a strong point of the record. The guitar solos are precisely the kind of riffing you would have heard in the early to mid 90s in death/doom. The punky almost Asphyx-esque characteristics become a bit more apparent by 'Black Liquifaction' and is maintained for the remainder of Septic Funeral. Some parts also have a sort of black metal emanation that adds to the muscle of the music, whilst songs like 'Onward to Death' and 'Coffin Mulch' stomp around in the wreckage with elephantine chords on the guitars spreading out the sonic undoing. In short, make way for some heavyweight death/doom metal and keep a keen eye on Coffin Mulch.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10