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Experiments In Warfare

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. Spark To Extinction
3. Dead End Witness
4. Relentless Will To Destroy
5. The Cage
6. Ashfall

Review by Alex on April 8, 2021.

Even without a pair of binoculars, you could see what would be tumbling down the road up ahead due to the noise emitted from Death Chamber on their album Experiments In Warfare. Candid for the most part but there’s some lethal shit hidden in every track. Whether it be the blackened battling blast beats and outrageous shrieks eating their way from the bosom of the death metal vocal mush, Experiments In Warfare does not lean or compromise their hostility. Kicking you around for a little over 20 minutes, the pounding is so relentless and thorough that you’ll be beaten back to life.

Short and to the point, war-torn, battle-scarred landscapes are painted by machine-gun style blast beats, swarms of lethal guitar leads, and murderous vocals. Experiments In Warfare is intense musically hence there is no need for a lengthy runtime. It’s on the offense from the very first track 'Spark To Extinction' and never lets up on the truculence. Which brings me to the point of Experiments In Warfare, though you will find good riffs and memorable sections, the album doesn’t seem to allow you to get too absorbed in them, rather the record seems to have a focus on shifting the sound of the hostility among black, death and thrash metal. It is more about being an album that uses musical extremity to embolden the topics they cover.

'The Inevitable' is a damn killer one that strengthens the rest of the record and seems to be the ideal representation of what you’d mostly come into contact with on Experiments In Warfare. More than just the musical showmanship, these songs rip and tear with of course the occasional lick thrown in to sustain your attention. With an adequate album cover, the music on Experiments In Warfare provides a sonic companion to what you’re about to experience. Turmoil, tumult, and trepidation.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10