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Blood Of The Black God

Russia Country of Origin: Russia

Review by Alex Grindor on March 30, 2021.

Russian collective Wishdoomdark, who've been around since 2006, have a wonderful offering in Blood of the Black God. This album is pure, old-school doom/death metal.

After a brief intro, this beautiful atmospheric trip drags you along. Alex's vocals are good enough for this style in particular, without sounding too otherworldly. His guitarwork is great as well, with heavy melancholic riffs and some more groovy ones in certain tracks. Drums are neither simplistic not overly excessive, knowing that doom has to be a pummeling, slow-paced affair, they deliver just that. Bass follows the guitar, adding a lot of weight to the already heavy riffs. Keyboards are well done, complementing the overall atmosphere without strictly following the guitars.

One thing I appreciate is that, despite the style being a bit repetitive, it never drags on for too long. Each track has a relatively short duration (tracks 1 & 4 being the longest of the whole album) so the entire record can be enjoyed properly, without becoming too exhaustive and monotone. Very little flaws here, aside from the lack of vocal variety and the last track 'Pagan Doom', a 2-minute keyboard instrumental that ends very abruptly and could've been a bit better if it had more than just keyboards.

Overall, a melancholic, intense (and sometimes catchy and groovy) experience. Totally recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, The Gathering, Visceral Evisceration and similar artists.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10