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With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path

Italy Country of Origin: Italy

1. The Unfathomable Omnipresence Of The Sister Of Sleep
2. A Digression And Her Eternal Domain Above The Atmosphere
3. The Quest For Hearts And Conquest Of Time
4. The Submission Of Rage For Propulsion Divine
5. The Shredder Of The Most Rooted Archetypes
6. The Retaking Of Meaning Of Joy And Ardour...
7. On The Incommensurable Path

Review by Alex on May 8, 2021.

With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path, take this night-ride with Hadit to hell knows where. Sitting there trying to find the answers to what is being spoken of on this outrageous cacophony of death/black/sludge and doom metal whilst getting maimed; suit yourself. But if you're just here for the tunes then here be; an avalanche of audial misbehaviors and malpractices await you. Walking a thin line between chaotic passages and semi technicality, With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path falls within the region of bands that have both an appreciation for technical skill and atmospherics.

'The Unfathomable Omnipotence Of The Sister of Sleep' just about tosses you into a chaotic stew of sludge/black/death metal with changing rhythm patterns and energetic wide mouthed screams and deep growls. Candidly structured at first listen but would slowly evolve into a technical affair between drums and guitars despite having such a groovy commencement. And while being the introduction to the album and attitude of Hadit, it accounts for just about half of what the record offers. 'A Digression And Her Eternal Domain Above The Atmosphere' introduces sudden crescendos of fury and addictive rhythmic escalations, all the while maintaining a saucy showcase of audial syncopation that stretches to the more technically dominant 'The Quest For Hearths And The Conquest of Time'. The guitars and drumming on such songs play off each other as you'd find the drums synchronizing neatly with the riffs instead of interruption them at any moment therefore giving the album a sense of instrumental cooperation.

Hadit does an excellent job of keeping the momentum and energy of earlier entries as 'The Shredder Of The Most Rooted Archetypes' along with 'The Retaking Of Meaning Of Joy and Ardour...' presenting themselves as being strong enough to be placed up the order as it seems Hadit stresses importance on aggression throughout With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path. Yet, it does not come at the sacrifice of memorable sections and musical adherents' ad you'd find that such characteristics still materialize ever frequently during the runtime of the record.

Hadit brings to mind quite a few bands, Hissing, Wake, Abyssous and Void Ruin to name a few. Entangled in a frenetic array of extreme metal styles raging from black/death to doom to sludge to even 2nd wave black metal on the closing track 'On The Incommensurable Path', With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path merges multiple faces of metal to finalize and walk its own path.

Rating: 8 out of 10