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Germany Country of Origin: Germany

2. The Rope
3. Amnesia
4. To Separate The Flesh From The Bone
5. Final Predicament
6. Onwards To Destruction (Live)
7. Kill The Red Lamb (Live)
8. Faces Of The Dead (Live)

Review by Alex Grindor on May 3, 2021.

The unearthing approaches, for Casket shall release their newest work very soon, and what a mighty work they have in their hands!

Pummeling drums, crushing riffs and inhuman vocals are all present here, with a devastating heavy sound reminiscent of the old ways of death metal as it once was. From opener 'Bombing Graves' to closer 'Final Predicament' the assault is instant and consistent throughout, with down-paced head-banging moments that abruptly give way to spastic frenzy, with a generous small dose of complexity that works in service of the songs in just the rights moments. While most of the work here is straightforward in its pace, there is enough variety in every track to stand out on its own, while it all converges as well as one whole experience.

Of worthy mention is the vocal work of Schorsch, who's delivery (reminiscent of "Tomb Of The Mutilated") punctuate the songs fiercely, while performing some of the most inhuman shrieks I have heard in a long time. Schorsch is also in charge of the guitars here, and the man knows how to craft a pummeling, yet catchy riff, while being supported by Susi on bass who adds that much needed weight in the sound (though as it tends to happen, with such a low tuning the bass is not very perceptible). Marinko, who's the one behind the drums, performs his work with pinpoint precision without being overly technical in his delivery.

After 'Final Predicament' we have the addition of 3 live tracks that blend very well with the studio tracks. Although the mix of the vocals (to me) feel a bit more bigger than the rest of the instruments, but overall the tracks are well performed and (as said before) blend very well with the studio songs, though I'm not a personal fan of live recordings.

Spitting quality death since the 90's, Casket's new release Urn is something to be expectant of. With a crushing, crunchy yet legible sound and majestic musical consistency in 5 excellent tracks (plus the 3 live ones), this is a must-have for fans of death metal in all its ways. To be released June 4th via Neckbreaker records.

Rating: 8.3 out of 10