Verses In Regicide

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

1. Structures Of Collapse
2. Vengeance Reign
3. Realm Of Fire
4. Into Dust
5. Tides Of Slidhr
6. Shadow's Dominion
7. Windswept Burial

Review by Felix on June 4, 2024.

It was winding paths that led me to Runespell. The new project of the lone wolf Nightwolf (mega pun…) called Ancient Guard caught my attraction and so I was interested to see what he has already done under the name Runespell. “Verses in Regicide” is the last album where he was completely acting on his own. But this does not mean that one cannot identify a few influences. “Vengeance Reign” is a strong number whose beginning is formed by a Deströyer 666 melody. It spans a wide arc of heroism and triumph. Fury and melancholy stand shoulder to shoulder and both elements make the aforementioned song to a real highlight. Maybe the somewhat blurred mix does not bring the melody lines to full glory, but it houses a lot of hazy atmosphere and guarantees a spooky density. Of course, the album can be heard on a sunny day, but it surely works much better under a cloudy November sky.

What makes “Verses in Regicide” an exciting album? First of all, it is more or less pure black metal, although the back cover speaks of pagan black metal. Perhaps I am just not able to realize Australian paganism. That's what happens when you're too lazy to leave the church. Anyway, Nightwolf commutes cleverly between different tempos and he has a fine instinct for simple yet expressive melodies. I can agree with Graveland having the top position in the similar artists list, especially when it comes to tracks like “Shadow’s Dominion”. Its stoic mid-tempo and the malignantly hissing voice pick up the characteristics of the approach Rob Darken cultivated since “Creed of Iron”. Finally I have to mention the opener. It starts peacefully, but the guitars create an aura of melancholy quickly and it does not take long until the first outbreak of passionate force sets in. Okay, the title “Structures of Collapse” is pretty misleading, because the constantly intensity gaining track is based on a structure of growth, but yes, you are right, this is naturally no problem at all.

Despite its solid length of almost 38 minutes, it is a bit of a pity that “Verses in Regicide” houses only five full tracks. An intermezzo and an outro make the album complete, but honestly speaking, they do not enrich the output significantly. In view of their calm appearance, they emphasize the misty mood of the full-length, no more, no less. On the other hand, the entire material is free from inadequate sounds. Not only due to the lack of variety in the vocals, the album is free from cracks and unevenness. It generates a coherent big picture and it seems as if Nightwolf has brought his musical vision to life successfully. So there's nothing wrong with buying this digipak CD, even if its spartan presentation offers little additional appeal.

Rating: 7.7 out of 10


Review by Alex on October 4, 2021.

Runespell refuses to disappoint with the latest full-length album titled, Verses In Regicide. All that you have come to love and adore about the project makes a return and is reunited with the listener. The sweeping landscapes of tranquil melody, the capturing vocals of the main man (Nightwolf) behind this black metal project and that feeling of being at peace does not miss its step on Verses In Regicide. Operating with absolute mastery and a clear vision of where he would like to take Runespell, Verses In Regicide is but another piece to the grand architecture.

One of the more appealing factors of Runespell is the mannerism of sound and production maintained up to the current release that echoes of a lo-fi black metal aura. This seems to be one of the reasons that tranquil feeling reemerges as a staple etiquette of this project. Then there is the voice of Nightwolf that utilizes a gasping shout for vocals complimenting and aligning perfectly with the primitive drumming and beautiful mystic landscapes that as a collective, add to the peaceful and solitary atmosphere.

Nighwolf's work is remarkable, it’s only been 4 years since the first recording under Runespell was put out and he's already 4 full lengths and a split EP in. And though you'd think the quantity is a bit over the top especially for a black metal band, the quality of his work overshadows the frequenting output to the point where you'd wish another album were on the horizon in an even shorter period. And if that's not the case, you'd be more likely to hear of an upcoming recording under his other band, Blood Stronghold.

These songs are professionally written and reflect his years of expertise making black metal. The way he's able to mend melodies that project melancholy and triumph, with folk-esque tremolo picking, transcends the hordes of albums within the genre that do nothing or are barely able to surmount an infantile effort. It is made clear with 'Structures Of Collapse', 'Vengeance Reign' and 'Realm Of Fire' that Nightwolf with Verses In Regicide aims to outperform his prior work and by no little margin. Hence the depth in his writing albeit the black metal riffing or the instrumental interludes and intermezzos, shine throughout the album.

His best work in my opinion was on the split conducted with Forest Mysticism titled Wandering Forlorn that was longing to be followed up with similar technics; and here be, Verses In Regicide, an antique in the sea of black metal.

Rating: 9 out of 10