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Pimeyden Kosketus

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Harhaisen Mielen Turmlija
2. Pimeyden Kosketus
3. Lopun Ajan Alku
4. Pimeys Tuhoaa Valon Luoman
5. Unohtuva Ikuisen Ajan Hautaan

Review by Felix on November 26, 2022.

Supposedly, Santa Claus lives in Finland, but believe me, this is bullshit. What is true, however, is that bestiality originates from this country. Moreover, it should be an established fact that the guys of Hautakammio live in its close neighbourhood. A song like the opener of the vinyl’s (much too short) B side 'Pimeys Tuhoaa Valon Luoman' breathes, spits and sweats this element with nearly incredible intensity – and this is rather the norm than an exception when it comes to Pimeyden Kosketus.

Hautakammio know how true Northern melodies, or better: tone sequences, must sound. Speaking of the openers, the one of the A side is five percent less insane, cruel and merciless than its peer from the back side. But it houses exactly one of the diabolic melodies I have mentioned and it gives the guitars a little bit more room to spread their icy winds. Maybe fools will say that the horde follows a damned generic approach, but it’s not damned generic. It’s damned and (!) generic and this is definitely a game changer. The title track attacks with uttermost recklessness and delivers the pure sound of Finnish blackness, while 'Lupon Ajan Alku' lives, among other things, from an endlessly pouring melody. But regardless of single songs, the entire album spreads the foul aroma of death. It feels like walking in a snowstorm across a clearing with corpses everywhere not quite snowed in yet. But there is almost no need for such pictures. The wonderful black/white artwork already indicates the direction of the musical content very well and the image on the back cover underlines this atmosphere excellently.

Honestly speaking, I regret that only five songs form this album which draws to a close after just 31 minutes plus. Admittedly, this lean configuration avoids lukewarm fillers or inadequate breaks in terms of atmosphere. (Needless to say that Hautakammio do not dilute their music with any form of experimental excursions.) Nevertheless, I am sure that the band has the talent for more. An essential component of their music is its density and this is an element that grows with every minute that a record lasts longer. However, this is not the biggest problem mankind has today. The same goes for the somewhat blurred production with its savaging underground flair. It’s a good and fitting mix, but with a slightly more transparent sound, the album could almost rival Behexen’s masterpiece “By The Blessing Of Satan”. It doesn’t matter. Even though the band does not fully reach the almost perfect appearance of this milestone, Hautakammio’s performance really impresses me. And by the way, the sound result does not reveal the fact that the album has been recorded in various sessions at different places. The trio obviously had a clear vision about how their third full-length should sound.

Vritrahn's fervent screeching does not open up a new dimension to black metal. But he shouts without considering consequential damage and his blackened soul shimmers through each and every tone that leaves his mouth. No doubt, Vritrahn is one of these lead vocalist who add extra value to an album in view of their complete madness. He thus complements the exquisite contributions of mastermind Grim666 (all strings) and drummer Lima. In view of this hellish trio, expect nothing less but an inferno.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10