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Italy Country of Origin: Italy

1. Firespawn
2. Damnation Strikes
3. Sacrificial Slaughter
4. Emissaries Of Hatred
5. Plague Descends
6. Temple Of Adoration
7. Hail, Predator!
8. Violated Salvation
9. Where Life Dwells In Woe

Review by Carl on March 31, 2023.

They're called Deathfucker, so my guess is that this is not going to sound like Bon Jovi, Foreigner or U2. And is that a good thing? Fuck yeah, that's a good thing!!!

The lovely lads of Deathfucker deal in a coarse mixture of blackened thrash with old school death metal undertones. Influences come from the rougher thrashers of old such as Necrodeath, Sarcofago, old Bathory and Schizo, crossbred with primordial death metal bands such as Possessed, Incubus (of "Beyond the Unknown" fame), a young Pestilence and "Abominations..." era Morbid Angel. The band combines various elements of these acts into volatile tracks, that are delivered with stupid amounts of exuberant energy. Primarily played at a fast thrashing tempo, with the addition of scorching guitar leads and the occasional blast beat thrown in, these tracks simply fly by. The thrash fueled riffing provides the songs with a restless and tense edge, that is further fleshed out by the battering percussive performance and raw-throated vocals, reminding me somewhat of Cronos (Venom) gone totally berserk. Delivered with oodles of almost psychotic aggression, this is an explosive old school metal storm that will leave little standing after the album is over. The few instances where they do take the foot of the throttle act more as a moment for the listener to take a breath, as well as a set up for the next burst of energy that is inevitably bound to follow it. The separate elements of their music may not be the most original, but the way they combine and deliver it tears most contemporary old school acts a painful new one, simple as that.

The production does not disappoint either. It's clear and powerful, yet it stays natural and is a perfect fit for a band in this style. Bringing out the unhinged power that Deathfucker exudes in droves on this album, it complements the savage music perfectly. It gets the adrenaline pumping right from the get-go, and makes "Firespawn" a near-perfect explosive offering of violence.

This is an awesome package of aggressive metal, high on energy and with balls of steel. It has huge amounts of power and conviction oozing everywhere, and anyone who can sit still listening to this, is either paralyzed or dead.

Rating: 9 out of 10