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Hideous Entity

International Country of Origin: International

1. Snakes Of Innards
2. Trapped In The Void
3. Beast Within
4. Coils Of Wrath
5. Grinding Teeth
6. Lacerated And Bursting
7. Wretched Mockery Of Creation
8. Impervious Veil

Review by Alex on November 15, 2021.

Very much surprised going into the latest album from Hyperdontia titled Hideous Entity. The vocals more than anything I for sure did not expect to change, as it seems the vocalist of Sulphurous, Mathias has now taken over the duty and Undergang frontman David Mikkelsen seems to be taking some time out this time around. Not sure if this was done as a strategy to make the sound of Hyperdontia different from the other acts David is involved with or as just some relief to dedicate more time to Phrenelith (which tore apart the underground with their newest album). Either way this change in vocals did take some time adjusting primarily due to the custom of hearing David's voice/or whatever is lurking around in his stomach. However, after a few listens I developed a liking to the new change and with Mathias in the driver seat, the sense of assurance was prevalent.

'Snakes Of Innards' sounded like an above average entry doing all the typical DM gymnastics, but the fun truly began with 'Trapped In The Void' that really asserted itself as a standout track on Hideous Entity. Utilizing the trademark Hyperdontia style of constructing riffs and merging it with the traditionalist death/thrash metal technic, this entry emerged as a staple of the band while giving a gruesome welcome to Mathias into its cavity. Onwards to tracks such as 'Grinding Teeth', you get the feeling that the songs become stronger in terms of their foundation and architectural makeup whilst the vocals sync and adapt to the compositional changes. You'll appreciate the way Hyperdontia combines a somewhat technical and unpredictable flow (mostly via the drumming) to the body of the record. Filled with riffs for each section it seems, the material flexes quite a bit of muscle as guitarist Mustafah lays down reckless fiery strings to compliment the smooth drum and bass of Tuna and Malik. 'Wretched Mockery Of Creation' along with 'Impervious Veil' crank up the drumming and riffing affair with some of the best segments on Hideous Entity, thus ensuring the listener stays tuned for further contagious confectioneries.

The production at first was a bit off setting, I was expecting something more along the lines of what was heard on their debut EP, Abhorrence Veil, even Nexus Of Teeth took some time getting used to where the mastering is concerned but it all turned out well and so did this. Guess you could say that the audial mastering was more focused on the drumming but left just enough room for the guitars and 'Snakes Of Innards' shows that from the inception. Also, if you take into consideration the pace at which the music is played, you sort of feel like they wanted to create an audial representation of the cover art via death/thrash Possessed style. It all sounds like a mash-up of instruments though having individual traits and highlights that you'd have to dig a bit for. I like the buried and blurred approach Hideous Entity incorporates hence it gives the listener a bit of a challenge.

All in all, I do think Hideous Entity holds up well in the still young catalogue of Hyperdontia, Mathias brought a bit of his Sulphurous character to the million tooth monster, therefore you'd get a bit of both worlds but mostly the main cavity of Hyperdontia remains as an audial statement to the listener.

By the way, gotta love those pinch harmonics on 'Coils Of Wrath'.

Rating: 8.3 out of 10