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Strength, Power, Will, Passion

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Strength, Power, Will, Passion
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 11th, 2005
Genre: Speed, Thrash
1. Angel Cry
2. End Of Time
3. Symbol Of Spirit
4. Examination
5. I Will
6. Space Clearing
7. Sacred Crystals
8. Lost Inside
9. Death Bells II
10. Rebirthing
11. Seasons In The Twilight
12. Say Goodbye

Review by Felix on May 28, 2023.

Double strike! Fasten seat belts, because "Angel Cry" and "End of Time" kick off the ninth full-length of Sabina and her instrumental supporters in a very impressive way. A smooth riff creates a frictionless flow, the chorus connects a somehow cosmic guitar with the background inferno and sticks in the mind in a matter of seconds, while the energizing speed of the song completes the picture. "End of Time" scores with its dynamic tempo changes, the high degree of pressure and the effective, drilling chorus. After many, too many albums without real killer tracks, these two fireworks light up the sky in the most glittering colours. With a view to the discography of Holy Moses, this opening begs the question of whether "Strength Power Will Passion" is able to endanger the top position of "Finished With the Dogs". Unfortunately, the masterpiece from the year 1987 remains untouched, not only for nostalgic reasons.

This is not to say that the album has nothing else to offer than its first two highlights. The easily memorable chorus of the rapid "I Will" leaves its mark in view of the effective back vocals and the mid-harsh "Sacred Crystals" connects crude melodies during the verses with an intensifying chorus. Needless to say that the barking of Sabina adds the extra portion of rudeness. Nevertheless, the record does not achieve the density and intensity of the band's reference work. Songs like the double bass driven "Symbol of Spirit" are absolutely okay, but this highly appreciated pinch of insanity is missing. Anyway, the here presented work confirms the upward trend of "Disorder of the Order". Rather boring pieces like the slow-moving "Space Clearing" remain exceptional, because a proper number of ominous leads offer good entertainment.

Some parts of the songs border on punk and hardcore. The staccato of the back vocals and the stubbornness of the unswerving gang point in this direction as well. Finally, the voluntary renunciation of unusual or even progressive song patterns underlines the weakness of the band members for simple music. Admittedly, the album fails to transport the feeling of juvenile anger which is typical for hardcore formations, but I do not think that Holy Moses had the intention to create the most impulsive approach. Instead, the full-length shows a more or less mature facet of the formation. Sabina and her motivated guys are able to channel their energy in a clever way. I still worship the aspiration for total annihilation that Holy Moses celebrated on "Finished with the Dogs", but the accurate method on "Strength Power Will Passion" commands respect, too. No doubt, the second half of the full-length is not overloaded with brilliant compositions (the verses of "Rebirthing" are lent from "In the Slaughterhouse", albeit in a slightly weaker configuration), but the sharp guitar sound and the authentic mentality of the protagonists form solid tracks. Give it a try, the two openers alone are worth the money.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10