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Katabasis - Descida Ao Abismo Interior Retificando A Amorfa Chama Da Dissolução

Brazil Country of Origin: Brazil

Katabasis - Descida Ao Abismo Interior Retificando A Amorfa Chama Da Dissolução
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Type: EP
Release Date: April 29th, 2021
Label: Independent
Genre: Black
1. Summa Lotus Rubrae
2. Apostasia Da Carne
3. Exaltação Da Negra Kundalini

Note: CD and cassette on Death Defier Productions

Review by Michael on January 6, 2022.

After their debut EP Cosmophobos was released in 2019 Brazilian one-man black metal band Pralaya published another three-piece EP called Katabasis in 2021. First of all, the lovely designed booklet is quite mentionable. Pictures in it (each one represents one of the tracks) are really very detailed and are a nice eye-catcher. The cover has a spiritual flair that reminds me of some Hindu rituals. Unfortunately, all lyrics are written in Portuguese so that I cannot tell too much about them but if my quite limited Portuguese vocabulary knowledge doesn't get me wrong it's more about the Devil and Death than flowers and partying.

Musically not too much has changed since the previous EP. All tracks have a long-playing time (around 9 minutes each) and the style is quite similar to Cosmophobos. The guitar-riffs are switching between some doomy, mid-paced tempo or sometimes some real fast tremolo riffing so the EP is quite varied and not too monotonous. The drums are mostly played at full speed, quite pummeling stuff and only sometimes the speed is decreased. NHSHs vocals are quite monotonous though and I guess that he should maybe vary his vocal style a little bit more.

I don't want to talk about the songs because vivisecting these three tracks would be quite difficult and also posibly boring for all of us. But what I personally really like is that there are many breaks and tempo changes and you can also find some really interesting melodies in the tracks that pepper up the music like in 'Apostasia Da Carne'. The old school vibe that comes up and combination of the sound and the production has a very appealing result altogether.

The major point of criticism would be (if one should take this as criticism when you are TRVE)that the production is very raw and muffled and the instruments often sound a little bit crooked. But if you like old school black / death metal from South America this is probably worth listening for you!

Rating 7.8 out of 10