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Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

1. Deceived By An Amethyst
2. Kiss From A Knife
3. Hunt Again
4. Fealty, Thunder Whip
5. Stabat Bloody Stabat
6. Goddess

Review by Michael on March 13, 2022.

Danish quartet Slaegt started as a black metal band in 2011 but transformed from one release to the next more and more into something that matches black metal with a lot of classic heavy metal and 70s rock stuff. So it is no big surprise to me that they continue this path without caring about any trends or compromises on their fourth full-length.

Just to talk a little bit in more detail about some of the 6 tracks on Goddess, it starts with a very melodic opener called 'Deceived By An Amethyst' which includes some surprises like a saxophone. It is a continuation of the style they did on their last two albums. Some casual riffs and some classic heavy metal solos combined with the growling voice of Asrok makes it easy for the listener to get access to the album. And it could have been so easy to create an album with such catchy songs that go down your throat like Danish butter cookies but that wouldn't be Slaegt. They never made a just easy-listening album only served with cookies and with 'Fealty, Thunder Whip' this becomes quite clear. The general song structures the band uses to play are also here to find but the guitar melodies work in quite an antagonistic way. On one hand you have the bright and well-sounding major guitar sound, on the other hand the second guitar plays minor sounds that let the track somehow appear a little bit crooked and a little bit disturbing. 'Hunt Again' is another typical Slaegt track with a little bit more black and death metal influences concerning the instrumentalisation. It is much darker with heavier sounds and again with some really brilliant performed classical heavy metal solo. But also here the band is performing some somewhat dissonant sound that doesn't make it too easy again. 'Kiss Of A Knife' is the fastest track that sometimes falls into some almost chaotic structures that remind me of Voivod in some tunes and shows pretty much where the band originally comes from.

Well, Goddess is a very challenging album that doesn't grab the listener in an instant. You need to engage yourself into this album but it is quite worthy doing this. I had my difficulties with it at first but now I really like Goddess and am pretty thrilled about how the band is playing with musical pinches to create such a dense and uncompromising atmosphere. Sometimes it seems quite similar to what the guys from Cloak or Tribulation have done the last albums but in a very more easy-listener unfriendly way. I hope the guys will finally get their well-deserved attention with this album!

Rating: 8.3 out of 10