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Crowned In Veneficum

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Unheavenly Catechesis
2. Salivating Faithlessness
3. Dethroned Enslavement
4. His Throne Decayed
5. Miasmas Of Sodom
6. Katabatic Deliverance
7. Enlightenment Of Torture
8. Euphoria Of Accepted Suffering
9. Utter Abomination

Review by Alex on March 30, 2022.

Untamed power, Father Befouled takes its seat at the throne to watch its most condemned and mysterious creation work. The task of taking up the challenge where delivering quality death metal seems to be a thing of the past, could not be met at a better time and by a more graduated council. Father Befouled continues to reveal wonders and wickedness all the while arduously dabbling within the lenses of death/doom. As per J. Stubbs, another chapter of denigration and unholiness has been added to his wild and wanton collection of sonic disciplines and mishaps. Crowned In Veneficium, the spawn of the diabolical, shares its rotten harvest with the underground masses.

Going to avoid speaking about any 1 song in particular, doing so would mean I'd have to reference directly every track on Crowned In Veneficium due to the metal might and marvel each exhibits. Stubbs' diabolical song writing techniques shine here, never once sacrificing immersion for pointless inclusions. Only necessary incisions carved and sculpted. Each riff and tempo swing exalts itself as a work of sheer power and meaning; melodic catalysts for trance manifest with stomping aggression and urgency, letting the listener know that violence is still very much a key asset of Father Befouled. Meanwhile rhythmic passages of near sublime soloing awakens from dormancy a movement most bands within the genre fail at evincing.

Seemingly heads and shoulders beyond anything Father Befouled has crafted in the past. Colourless and insensitive, a lifeless stare into the abyss of nothing, Crowned In Veneficium augments thunderous drumming, pristine riffage and gargantuan vocal devastation to scribe a monument in death metal history while borrowing assets from the likes of Incantation and Slayer. The influences are present yet the aura conjured is sincerely that of Father Befouled. The job done on Crowned In Veneficium is 2nd to none, thus it must be referenced once more the near perfect balance of atmospheric aesthetics and instrumental competencies absorb the spotlight for the entirety of this death metal horror show.

The sub genre was stuck in the gut this time around, without mercy without fear.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10