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Never Leave This War

Brazil Country of Origin: Brazil

Never Leave This War
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Type: EP
Release Date: 2012
Label: La Medula Espinal
Genre: Speed
1. Fast Rape Before The War
2. Skill To Destroy
3. Never Leave This War
4. Ripping Corpses In The Way
5. Sweet Torment (Hellhammer Cover)
6. Anguish Of War (Disclose Cover)
7. Bombhead
8. Self Destruction
9. Under Vigilance
10. W.C.A.
11. Christian Wimps
12. Dead Future
13. Fight Back (Discharge Cover)
14. War Town
15. Resto De Nada
16. A Porta, A Guerra Civil
17. A Mania Do Terror
18. Mais Um Escravo
19. Seres Deformados (Besthöven Cover)