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Seven Inches Of Hell (Part II)

Brazil Country of Origin: Brazil

Seven Inches Of Hell (Part II)
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Type: Compilation
Release Date: January 30th, 2018
Genre: Speed
1. Burn The Virgin’s Hole
2. Vengeance Day
3. Grind'em Down
4. Intro (Hail To Macabre Warriors)
5. Midnight, Sex And Wine
6. Christ Under Whip
7. Morbid Dogs
8. Sign Of Cruelty
9. It's Time To Kill Your God
10. Wild City Is Burning
11. The Queen Rips Again
12. Fall Of Killing Spree
13. Acid Landscape
14. Negue A Cruz e Viva Agora
15. Days Of Cruelty
16. Die In Rape
17. Sick Sick War
18. Yes I'm Rotting
19. Pyromaniac
20. Angel Dust (Venom Cover)
21. Armageddon (Bathory Cover)
22. The Impaler (Apokalyptic Raids Cover)
23. Infernal Tempest (Warhammer Cover)