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Undisputed Attitude

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Undisputed Attitude
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1996
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Thrash
1. Disintegration/Free Money
2. Verbal Abuse/Leeches
3. Abolish Government/Superficial Love
4. Can't Stand You
5. Ddamm
6. Guilty Of Being White
7. I Hate You
8. Filler/I Don't Want To Hear It
9. Spiritual Law
10. Mr. Freeze
11. Violent Pacification
12. Richard Hung Himself
13. I'm Gonna Be Your God
14. Gemini

Review by Luka on June 26, 2001.

I haven’t heard Slayer this pissed since "Reign in Blood"! I mean the force and ferocity of this album is unmatched. Slayer don’t cover these songs, they butcher them, doubling the tempos (often turning the normal pace into blast beats) and dropping the tuning to a death metal standard. The result is absolute chaos and a headbanger’s heaven.

It’s hard to get into at first, sometimes the riffs are sped up beyond recognition and so they end up sounding too distorted and fast to appreciate. It’s easy to lose interest in all the hurry. Araya’s screams are constant and he signs the funny punk lyrics with absolute anger, but the words are often indiscernible since he’s forced to sing them so fast, in fact, it’s fastest I’ve ever heard anyone sing!

"Can’t Stand You" and "Ddamm" (Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers) are two songs penned by Jeff Hanneman during the early years of Slayer, when he had plans for a punk side project. "Abolish Government..." is definitely my favorite, with the strong beat and the catchy riffs, the first song has some very nice riffs too, and the foul lyrics of "I’m Gonna Be Your God" will appall many a parent. And who can forget the absurd lyrics of "Richard Hung Himself".

Most of the songs are under 2 but "Gemini", being the one exception, is a traditional Slayer song and kind of an introductory to the next album. The slow and mesmerizing finish comes as a blessing, to some, from the absolute chaos and fury of the album. The album’s one flaw is that either the songs Slayer picked are mediocre, or they had altered them too far beyond their original quality, so many of them ended up kind of poor. It’s good stuff but nothing that impressed me too much.

Bottom Line: Violent thrash-punk. Angry, distorted and short.

Rating: 7 out of 10