Eric Wagner

In The Lonely Light Of Mourning

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Rest In Piece
2. Maybe Tomorrow
3. Isolation
4. If You Lost It All
5. Strain Theory
6. Walk With Me To The Sun
7. In The Lonely Light Of Mourning
8. Wish You Well

Review by Adam M on March 9, 2022.

Eric Wagner definitely has a prestigious enough career to be worthy of this solo album treatment. The posthumous nature of In The Lonely Light Of Morning makes it even more special and noteworthy. The songs here are still in the doom fashion but with a bit more of a singer-songwriter vibe. They showcase the passionate side of Eric Wagner and serve as a fitting tribute to him. Sure, it could be argued that the best Trouble material is more exciting, but this is still another worthwhile addition to the artist’s cannon. Songs ooze groove and a sing along nature that is welcome to behold.

In The Lonely Light Of Morning is structured to progressively show the passionate nature of the singer and the album does become a bit more interesting as it progresses. Interestingly, it is about as heavy as the latest Trouble material with Wagner present and serves as a nice continuation from it. The gradual crescendo for the album displays a nice way to end off the legendary vocalist. The vocal performance is pretty spotless, and the nice production expounds on this. Still, the album isn’t perfect and perhaps suffers from the fact that it could have been even more subtle than it is.

Nonetheless this is a good tribute to a vocalist that has provided us with plenty of solid material over the years. It has the right breath or scope to showcase his talent in a doomy fashion, just as he would have liked it. The amount of groove nicely matches his voice and makes the tracks even more poignant. The future of Eric Wagner’s presence is highly positive, and he will be remembered in a nice manner. This is a solid commemoration to him and showcases his signature style well. It comes highly recommended to Wagner’s large fanbase.

Rating: 7.4 out of 10