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Forever Burning

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

1. Forever Burning
2. The Liberating Fires Of Moloch
3. Tongues Stretched For Salvation
4. Darkness In The Eyes Of Apophis
5. Hung Like Swine
6. Burn This World And Start Again
7. The Opposer Of Light
8. Sunder The Living Temple

Review by Felix on July 16, 2022.

We live in a globalised world, that's right. Nevertheless, I think there are some country-specific features when it comes to extreme metal. Denouncement Pyre play the typical Australian form of violent metal, this almost irresistible mix of black, death and thrash. This is the sound a true Warslut loves and so it comes as no surprise that the heroic guitars of the excellent 'Darkness In The Eyes Of Apophis' nearly sends 'I Am The Wargod' showers down my spine. I admit that I have been waiting for a new album of this band (six long years!), because it bundles strength, violence and heroism in an outstanding manner. Moreover, the approach of these guys is absolutely free from any commercial elements. I don't think that albums like Forever Burning open the gate for absolute beginners to the world of extreme sound dimensions. Its misanthropic basic tone rather tends to scare away interested dudes – but it rewards those who are already experienced in terms of true evil.

Deströyer 666 is not the only comparable band, there are also Hunters Moon, Razor Of Occam or Assaulter. Okay, one of the guys of Denouncement Pyre is involved in Hunters Moon as well and yes, there are more incestuous structures, but this alone does not explain the special chemistry of blackened death thrash from Down Under. Either way, the quartet jumps headfirst into the ravaging sound that made Australia great. No intro, no gimmicks, the massive guitars lead a devastating force right from the start. It rumbles, it hammers and it steams at every second. The most significant feature is the intensity of the music. Occasionally, an almost melancholic sequence shows up, for example at the end of the excellent 'The Liberating Fires Of Moloch'. But usually, the band knows neither friends nor relatives and leaves nothing but a trail of destruction.

Fortunately, Forever Burning is free from stinkers and filled to the brim with strong songs. Those who have seen the video for the advance track 'Hung Like Swine' should not jump to conclusions. Exceptionally, this time the teaser does not belong to the highlights. It's a very solid track, but it cannot compete with a hellish outburst like 'Tongues Stretched For Salvation' whose only blemish is its abrupt ending. Generally speaking, the material does not suffer from progressive patterns, but it also does not fly the flag of conventional structures. While delivering a perfect mix between these two poles, the quartet has forged extremely adventurous songs that demand the full attention of the listener. Something is always happening, and that's just cool. I am really glad that the dudes saw no reason to modify their sound considerably.

I have already spoken about the intensity of the music and this indicates a statement concerning the production. Here was not a tape recorder from a developing country running during a band rehearsal. Forever Burning flaunts power, directness and volume. All instruments are shown to their best advantage with the effect that even a comparatively calm composition like 'Burn This World And Start Again' (okay, why not?) turns out to a success factor. It draws the listener into its spell, not least due to the demonic vocals of "D.". This man seems to be possessed by the devil. The way he nags, shouts and terrorizes does not allow any other conclusion. So the bar has been set for D 666 and comparable comrades: Forever Burning is hard to beat and more or less exactly the record I have been waiting for – both in terms of style and with respect to its quality.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10