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Threshold Of Nothingness

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. Decline Into Oblivion
2. The Curse
3. Chronicles Of Emptiness
4. A Cairn Of Souls
5. Tarnished Vessel

Review by Alex on May 17, 2022.

,ooooooohhhhh, this sound gooooood, its from Poland but screams USA and Finland; whatever, I'll take it. Don't get too comfortable either, this is their debut album so there's a whole lot more in the dm terrain to come from (where did my manners go), Clairvoyance (that may or may not be planetary). Out on the ever reliable Blood Harvest Records, Clairvoyance project their plans for this existence within the underground world and may I say its a cold and empty one.

Threshold Of Nothingness captures the grit and gruesomeness of death metal all the while applying a seasoned hand to the material where instrumental charm is concerned. This quintet can play and the first song you hear off their mini LP will have no strain convincing you. 'Decline Into Oblivion' brings the goods, old school pillars of flesh erected and supported with 'The Curse'. After every track ends you feel satisfied, but not in a bombarded way because you find yourself revisiting the record to get a taste once more of what hit you. And for just an EP, that speaks loudly regarding the repeatability factor. By the time 'Chronicles Of Emptiness' presents itself, you're already clinging to the album. 'The Curse' is a rhythmic jump about, lots of riff patterns, melodies and interesting breaks and transitions. Truly embodying the death metal textbook feeling, the guys in Clairvoyance have their sights set on the path ahead with sound clarity.

The remaining tracks are true ear catchers and leave you wondering what the next offering from the Polish parasites will be. Their sound is familiar yet presents itself as being somewhat refreshing at the same time and I think this has to do with the variations and differentiating combinations used on Threshold Of Nothingness. Rather than playing to the same old tune, they try to improvise and in the end this is the final product.

There's more than enough to satiate your thirst, but the material leaves more questions than answers, answers only time will reveal. Out on Blood Harvest, Threshold Of Nothingness brings back the old death metal feeling with a slightly refurbished and redone attitude.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10