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Rotting In The Aftermath

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

1. Cruel Mistress
2. Breach The Stronghold
3. Hell's Embrace
4. Infected Mind
5. As Bodies Collapse
6. Regressive Divisions
7. Galvanized (Like Nails)
8. Planetary Crypt
9. Diseased Mankind

Review by Fernando on July 11, 2022.

Oh Canada! Between the Ross Bay Cult scene and the Quebecois Metal Noir scene and the older thrash scene of the 80’s and 90’s, Canada has really made a name for themselves in the metal world. Today we have veteran underground maniacs from Alberta, Begrime Exemious, who have returned with their fourth full-length, Rotting In The Aftermath, released through Dark Descent Records.

Begrime Exemious are labeled as a black/death band, and that’s not an incorrect descriptor for their music, however, I would personally add the caveat of their music being a mixture of first wave black metal, with old school death metal, as the music has a raw, punk-like and thrashing attitude, that’s reminiscent of bands like Sodom and early Celtic Frost, alongside the brutality of early Bathory, and the shredding and speed of ‘Leprosy’ era Death and early Morbid Angel. They’ve consistently built on that sound for well over a decade (since their 2010 debut album) and that continues to be the case for this new record.

Rotting In The Aftermath wastes no time at all. First 3 tracks set the mood from the get go and it never lets up. If the band is good at something it would be first impressions, and from there the album is consistent in quality. The band play to their strengths (for the most part) with thick and frenzied riffs, drumming that walks the line between primitive and technical, and dry growling vocals. It's actually impressive how the band manage to consistently deliver pummeling, thrashing speed without ever dragging their feet in the process. That being said, some might take issue with how the album is very singularly driven in its style and execution, but then, that’s when the band come through with their closing track and the most off-kilter song in the album, ‘Diseased Mankind’. A 4 minute dirge like song that’s pure, unfiltered black metal, and I specifically highlight this track because its not only one of the best in the album, but also because it's a drastic change of pace that somehow does manage to be consistent with the sound of all preceding tracks. One criticism of it however is how it can eclipse the rest of the album, or feel like a random deviation, but overall it shows the band can successfully grab your attention and still catch you off guard.

Overall, Begrime Exemious continue their streak of quality black/death metal and still show that they do have some neat tricks up their sleeve to mix things up from time to time. Not a revolutionary record, but it really doesn’t need to be.

Best tracks: 'Cruel Mistress', 'Breach the Stronghold', 'Hell’s Embrace', 'Planetary Crypt', 'Diseased Mankind'

Rating: 7.9 out of 10