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All Virtues Ablaze

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

1. Hypoxic
2. Mists Along Florencia
3. Transmigration I: Pelagic Voids
4. Transmigration II: The Cleansing Ash

Review by Jerome on December 12, 2022.

Let's place ourselves at the turn of the second millennium, a time when the distribution of music via the internet was just beginning. In the far reaches of Norway, black metal had already taken root, however, many of the founding bands were experimenting with completely different musical styles, some even abandoning the style entirely. At the center of this identity crisis was a central question for any band interested in pursuing this new style of metal; "Should we innovate or rely on a sound similar to Norwegian bands?"

Now, some 20 years later, Liminal Shroud proves once again that the trials and innovations of the early 2000s have paid off. Indeed, at the first listening of their new album All Virtues Ablaze some will be surprised by the versatility that the band can exercise from one composition to another. This album, consisting of four songs, relies on multiple influences. The first composition, 'Hypoxic' is everything standard in the rather melodic scene led by a figure of prow such as Mgła and more recently popularized by Uada. Although the composition is faithful to the style, it does not revolutionize the musical style.

It is from the second composition that the influences of rather post-black metal are heard. The major chords remind of the best moments of Imperium Dekadenz, Der Weg Einer Freiheit or Winterfylleth. 'Mists Along Florencia' is indeed an interesting piece not only for its more post-black leanings, but also for its inclusion of a breakdown section in the middle of the composition, a signature rather linked to the punk world.

The next two pieces, 'Transmigration I - Pelagic Vois' and 'Transmigration II - The Cleansing Ash', push the post metal influences even further and we find ourselves, at times, in the middle of sections reminiscent of atmospheric sludge bands the likes of Isis or Cult Of Luna. The last piece of Transmigration II ends rather with an accent on melancholy and ends with an excellent crescendo, showing the power of black metal.

Liminal Shroud has demonstrated, through their album All Virtues Ablaze, that innovation in black metal has taken the style to a higher level. If you have an interest in black metal, I highly suggest this album.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10