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Repugnant Inception Of Decomposing Paroxysm

International Country of Origin: International

1. Toxaemia Putrefacta
2. Dispersion Of Post-mortem Lividity
3. From Fresh To Bloated (Crepitant Gaseous Swelling)
4. Marbled To Rot
5. Putrid Deliquescent Mass
6. Degloving
7. March Of Rigor Mortis – The Rule Of 12
8. To Soften By Soaking (Reeking Watery Mush Collapse)
9. Prinsloo Gordon Artifact
10. Succession On Carrion – Rotting Flesh Witnesses
11. Fleshsaw
12. Vibices And Suggillations
13. Tache Noire
14. Soap On A Bone

Review by Carl on July 19, 2022.

You know how in prog rock they have these supergroups made up from well-known guys from other bands? Well, that's kinda what's happening here but with goregrind. Here is a band that's made up from people who have earned their laurels long ago with acts such as General Surgery, Lymphatic Phlegm and Regurgitate, and those are just the tip of the congealed pus-berg. This is their first full-length, and if you come with me, I will gladly discuss the debut album of goregrind's answer to Asia with you.

I take it that nobody is going to be surprised when I tell you that this has a serious Regurgitate and Carcass vibe running throughout. It has the blasts, distorted bass and pitch-growled vocals, but the occasional groovier yet still nauseatingly heavy sections are present as well. The songs are kept short, 14 of 'em in 30 minutes, while playing is tight throughout, often exhibiting an almost hardcore punk-like energy. It sounds like a lot of care has gone into making the music on offer here as energetic, heavy and varied as is possible, with all the trademarks of the goregrind/death metal genre present, without resorting to weird experiments. What has to be said as well is that for an album recorded in different locations all over the planet, this certainly sounds coherent, and not cobbled together in any way. The whole package is held together by a clear production that fortunately still has a good amount of grit to it to make it all sound not too polished. Listening to this platter 'o' splatter, you can actually hear that these people had fun (de)composing and recording it.

This will most certainly not win any awards for originality, but to hell with that. This is just a good and solid slab of gory grinding underground metal, and I doubt any fans of the genre will be malcontent with it.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10