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United States Country of Origin: United States

1. The Future Past
2. Under Darkened Sky
3. Bitter End
4. Circle In Time
5. Marching On
6. Walk Away
7. Coming Home
8. The Stain
9. Another Day
10. The Eye

Review by Adam M on July 24, 2022.

This is a traditional metal album in its purest sense. There is a strong undercurrent of a wispy nature to be found here. Infinity Dream sounds a good deal like Crimson Glory with their high-pitched vocalist. The guitars are smartly done and demonstrate a good degree of variety. All in all, the ingredients for a solid traditional metal album are all in place. The musicianship is solid and the band is super focused.

The songs emit an ethereal atmosphere as they traverse their narrow boundaries. Right from the start and ‘The Future Past’ a solid atmosphere is established. This is one that recalls the likes of recent Witherfall with its smooth flavor. The music here is certainly heroic enough and really gets the meaning of epic across nicely. There is a sweetness to the tunes that really makes its mark. If there is a flaw to the album it's that it is pushing in directions already treaded upon. Infinity Dream overcomes this by making their music as poignant as possible. Sure, there is a familiarity present, but it's also a newness in the manner the music is presented. The variety present of Memories is quite wondrous to behold as every song brings something new to the table and it all adds up to a diverse platter. In the future, I would like to see the Witherfall side of things emphasized more. The band must carve out an identity for themselves that is interesting and all their own. This is pretty much a niche album because there isn't much that sounds like it a t the moment.

Still, the ever-present feeling of Crimson Glory rears its head and makes the album a little too familiar at times. With more focus on the originality aspect of the music, this could be even more powerful than it is and make a greater mark. It all adds up to an album that is very strong for the traditional metal genre and moves in good directions. Each song breathes new meaning to the mix and presents an interesting story to be told.

Rating: 7 out of 10