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Serbia Country of Origin: Serbia

1. Mrtvaja Part I
2. Mrtvaja Part II

Review by Felix on August 8, 2022.

Serbia's scene is a power that the well-organised black metal disciple should definitely keep on his mind. This should be clear to anyone who has heard albums like "Teatar Apsurda" or "Kosturnice" by The Stone. But in the slipstream of the flagship there are other exciting names. CMPT is perhaps the most promising.

Mrtvaja (a region in Serbia, if I am not mistaken) was the first sign of life of the “band”, that is actually another one man project. The multi-talent that drives this musical venture offers two long yet never boring pieces (“Mrtvaja part I and II”) and connects them with an atmospheric intro and outro. An acoustic guitar presents some dark, desperate tones and sets the stage for the following ice-cold lines that pour down on the listener in rapid succession. I agree that the lone wolf does not deliver any new aspects of the subgenre. Surprising twist and turns are missing. But he is able to create a very impressive result within the given guidelines. Both songs shine with a pretty perfect mixture of melody and belligerence. The nagging vocals, loosened up with a howling intermezzo in part II, underline the pitch black mood as well as a silent sequence. Honestly speaking, these two songs celebrate the tremolo riffing and lie in close proximity to perfection considering that it is a debut. Okay, the solo artist seems to have a lot of experience due to his engagement in roughly 1.000 further bands, but this alone does not guarantee a release of that outstanding quality.

Despite their opulent lengths, the songs are easily accessible. They avoid overly catchy parts, but their excellent flow cannot be ignored. In addition, the production of the EP must be mentioned. It is a brilliant, well defined mix that sends a cold breeze out of the speakers. Mrtvaja sounds exactly like it should sound and that’s great – but that’s not all. The artwork catches the spirit of black metal in an absolutely amazing manner and I also appreciate the fact that I got a free CD version when I ordered the nobly designed 10” vinyl. Not to mention the included download code. The more or less legendary Osmose label, that’s for sure, are customer-orientated. So my conclusion is clear: although the artist could not fully keep the quality of the EP on his first full-length, CMPT is a name that deserves the attention of the black metal community. Especially those dudes who like to listen to Burzum (I am sorry that I cannot avoid this often used term here…) should check out this release.

Rating: 9 out of 10