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Procession Of Souls

Brazil Country of Origin: Brazil

Procession Of Souls
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: January 7th, 2022
Label: Independent
Genre: Thrash
1. The Greed's Inferno
2. Morlocks
3. Living Dead Melody
4. Procession Of Souls
5. Nightmare's Chamber
6. Far From Reality
7. Depressive Thoughts
8. Fear

Review by Felix on September 8, 2022.

A Brazilian quartet with an English-German name takes us on a Procession Of Souls. Is this the shorter version of Grave’s “Endless Procession of Souls”? No, here nobody swings the death metal hammer. Doubtlessly, it is rather a Thrashgeist than a Deathgeist, because thrash is the name of the game. Deathgeist has been brought to life by two Bywar veterans and here we have already their third full-length with a playtime of 33 minutes. A non-opulent configuration is always a good recipe to avoid fillers... The musical maturity of the guys is evident right from the get-go. The material sounds more filigree than the albums of Bywar.

Fortunately, the technical skills of the musicians are not at the expense of the song’s vitality. The eight tracks shine with the desired level of energy and the crisp and clear production sets the appropriate frame for them. The guitars do not lack pinpoint precision, the drums sound clean and the bass is audible at least. Given this situation, it does not matter that the vocals do not surpass an average level. Of higher relevance is that Deathgeist find a very good balance between velocity, sharp riffs and a few melodic elements. The first half of the album sounds really great, the second part reveals less strong moments, too. The almost funky bass intermezzo in 'Nightmare’s Chamber' makes the song nearly implode. The Maiden-esque instrumental part of 'Depressive Thoughts' also does not make my heart beat faster. But the short 'Far From Reality' is a strong statement due to its rasping, fast guitars and its triumphant chords at the beginning and the end.

However, these small details do not significantly hurt the overall impression. Deathgeist work as a well-oiled machine and believe me, they have a knack for compact, earthy thrash pieces and they do not copy their role models. Maybe there are a few percent of Destruction as well as some trace elements of very old Heathen in their sound, but after all, the quartet delivers an individual approach – within the given stylistic frame, of course. None of the here presented riffs, and that’s always a good sign, have been heard a thousand times before. Quite the opposite, everything sounds fresh and so one can spend a casual time with straight and lively torpedoes like 'Morlocks' or the title track which offers some cosmic, very effective keyboard sounds. The gloomy and stylish artwork works as well – I am sorry, but I have almost nothing to lament in view of this pure thrash metal party. It seems as if a Brazilian band with an English-German name bundles the best (or at least pretty good) elements of different worlds.

Rating: 7.8 out of 10