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Mother Earth

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

Mother Earth
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Gothic, Orchestral, Symphonic
1. Mother Earth
2. Ice Queen
3. Our Farewell
4. Caged
5. The Promise
6. Never-Ending Story
7. Deceiver Of Fools
8. Intro
9. Dark Wings
10. In Perfect Harmony

Review by Krys on January 30, 2001.

When I heard WT’s first album "Enter" I said, "they’ll become big one day." I didn’t expect it would be so soon. Within Temptation has managed to deliver something that only a few bands were able to accomplish in such a short time since the bands’ inception date.

"Mother Earth" is such a huge step forward that comparing this album with their previous release is almost impossible. Well, I’m a brave man, so I’ll try. Everything that was good in "Enter" has been honed to excellence on this album. By adding female and male choirs, full blown orchestra with brass sections and dropping the growl vocals, they created an intensely special listening experience that it makes you close your eyes and fly away to a paradise. The band’s dreamy melodies, heavy guitars and Sharon’s dramatically improved vocal lines make me want to listen to it over and over again. Throughout the whole album WT jets from fast tempo compositions like "Ice Queen" or "Dark Wings" that stick in your head for days to dreamy ballads like "Our Farewell" or "The Promise" which are so romantic and touchy that could squeeze a tear from a rock. OK, maybe you won’t cry but on this record I found a lot of lyrics that I could relate to on a very personal level.

Add outstanding production with special CD-ROM that includes the extra song "World Of Make Believe", pictures, the band’s info and videos you have what I call a masterpiece disc.

I remember when some people were pissing me off by comparing them to Theatre Of Tragedy, The Gathering and so on. Within Temptation’s "Mother Earth" is such a brilliant piece of work that both bands whish they had it in their own discography. Amen!

Rating: 10 out of 10