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Born From Fire

Czechia Country of Origin: Czechia

1. Born From Fire
2. Scorched
3. Fallen Angel
4. Go To Hell
5. Embers
6. Order & Chaos
7. The Beauty Of Monstrance
8. Queen Of Light
9. I Am Alive
10. Ghost Of Silence
11. Eternal Silence
12. Sacrifice (Bonus Track)

Review by Lynxie on June 25, 2023.

Induction went through a total reform around the year 2022, and Tim Hansen is now the only remaining member from their line-up of their 2019 self-titled debut. Probably I was right in my assertion when I said Tim Hansen was not the main composer for that release, for now, with the founding member Martin Beck out of the picture, the band's style has changed from symphonic prog power to purely symphonic power metal, though some proggier passages still exist. To lose nearly all of your line-up in one go is a two-edged sword for any band, as some of your older fans will probably be disappointed, while new fans will be drawn in. I think it goes without saying that I would fall under the "new fan" category. But honestly, although I did like their debut, this simpler, more punchy take is infinitely more preferable. So to echo my last review for the band, I've never had higher hopes for power metal.

Of course, to say I'm officially a fan of Induction since this album is not quite accurate; I've had 'Queen Of Light' on repeat since it came out last year, at the peril of building up too much expectations and getting my hopes dashed to pieces when I can finally hear the whole album now. I took the risk, because 'Queen Of Light' is a fucking brilliant track and I just can't get it out of my head: I love how they'd opened up straight with that massive chorus, I love how the riffs dropped immediately afterward with some Helloween workship. I love how the vocals and the bass take the front stage while the other components quiet down a little bit for the verse. I especially enjoyed how the guitars and keys are layered on gradually, building up the tension till the grand outburst in the chorus. And that little tweak of tune in the bridge before the solo always tickles my fancy. Damn, we all know that modern power metal is inherently chorus-driven, but I've heard one too many songs following this structure that lose their steam at the chorus and flop to the ground. 'Queen Of Light' is powerful through and through; it sort of illustrates precisely what expectations I have for the more modern side of power metal.

Indeed, Induction's sound has taken a more modern turn: I'm pretty sure 'Fallen Angel' and 'Go To Hell' are more than a nod towards the more power metal side of Beast In Black (didn't they have a 'Go To Hell' as well?), especially concerning rhythm and synthworks. But then there is 'Scorched', set for the second track, the 7-min mini-epic has orchestral arrangements reminiscent of their debut and is a sure declaration that Induction has not totally forgone their film score tendencies; heavier numbers like, for example, 'The Beauty Of Monstrance' are just as sure a reminder that the prog element is not entirely out of the picture -- just listen to that intro riff. I was surprised by the little bass bridge in the middle of that song as well. In general though, Induction has shrugged off the prog tag and aimed for that 4-min mark. So yeah, tracks like 'Ghost Of Silence' and 'I Am Alive' retained the power metal brilliancy of 'Queen Of Light'. The piano ballad 'Eternal Silence' was probably 2 minutes too long by my patience despite really loving Craig Cairns on the vocals. Ah well, at least they didn't end on the ballad.

Now, let's talk vocals. The new mike-wielder, Cairns, is without doubt Induction's best choice in this line-up change. Holleman was good, but Cairns is on a whole new level, or maybe it's because of the Heiman resemblance I'm hearing so much that I like him. At certain points Cairns reminds me of Yannis as well, albeit less husky. Doubtless that's why I'd made the Beast In Black connections. Besides, he has some bonus harsh vocals ability and that little brief show on 'The Beauty Of Monstrance' was very impressive. It might almost be worth it to hear Induction going back to prog power just to hear more harsher lines from him.

Well, Born From Fire is close to Induction's Magnum Opus in my books, though I might be happier if they could bring back Brandenburg on the drums; the new dude is lacking a bit of punch and bombast. Still, considering that Induction is essentially a new band, this is an excellent piece of symphopower that is sure to please the majority of the community out there. I hope Induction keeps up with the quality songwriting and they might just become my favorite band.

Highlights: 'Scorched', 'Order & Chaos', 'The Beauty Of Monstrance', 'Queen Of Light', 'I Am Alive'

Rating: 9.2 out of 10