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Senderos Del Destino

Argentina Country of Origin: Argentina

Senderos Del Destino
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 14th, 2022
Genre: Melodic, Power
1. Designios
2. Senderos Del Destino
3. El Último Viaje
4. Condena Eterna
5. Enigmas Del Pesar
6. Urd
7. Antigua Senda
8. Exiliado
9. El Fin De Los Tiempos (Revisited)
10. Esclavo Del Tiempo (Revisited)

Review by criscool623 on December 11, 2022.

I generally don't listen to Spanish-sung metal since only few of the bands really impress me. Most of them are more worried about writing super poetic and grandiloquent lyrics (which most of them end up being pretty corny) instead of polishing their sound and style, and this is a big problem for me since I am a native Spanish speaker, and most of the times the lyrics draw my attention more than the music itself due to how boring it gets to be sometimes. However, Azeroth surprised me this time, and what I listened to was something better than I expected.

Senderos Del Destino is a good collection of fast and epic power metal with a powerful voice (with is kind of harsh in some occasions, which gives the music a little pinch of aggressiveness), a good proportion of keyboard sounds (which give the album that sense of epicity) and melodies that are worthy of an international power metal band. The music feels inspired and not only concerned with writing too poetic lyrics. I have to confess that, even being a native Spanish speaker, I didn't really pay so much attention to what the lyrics said, but this is because of me since I don't really tend to take them into account when listening to music, so if you are like me, I suppose you´ll have no major problem when checking out the album.

Now, talking about the negative parts, the last (actual) track of the album ('Exiliado') is BORING AS HELL; that slow tempo and attempt of grandiloquence contrasts so negatively with the rest of the album that it feels like when you are eating a bag of crisps and suddenly come across a salty, burned and ashy crisp that leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. Seriously, this particular song stands out really negatively taking into account what we were listening to previously. Also, the mix of the album could have been better. If you are someone who appreciates a good mix where the vocals stand out, know that in some occasions the voice is buried and lost between the rest of the sound of the album and it's difficult to understand what is being sung (obviously if you know Spanish), and something similar happens with the solos, since they could have had more presence instead of being so low in the mix.

This album is kind of curious for me since despite of the bad things I mentioned in the beginning, in general I liked this record pretty much. I mean it's NOT the best power metal album of all, but it's a great effort and really good material for all the fans of this subgenre. It's fast (most of it), epic, has powerful vocals and delicious melodies to listen to. However and to conclude with this, there was not a song that I liked the most and stood out for me either. I mean, this is an album that I'd rather listen to entirely instead of listening to a particular song. It's just a matter of "Oh, I don't have a favorite song, but the album is good to listen to, so let's play it". Do you get me?

But well, listen to it and formulate your own conclusions. As for me, the album is good (better than the average of bands from Spanish speaking countries), but not further than that, but who knows? You may even become the next fan of this band, so give it a try.

Rating: 8 out of 10