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Dying Of Everything

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Barely Alive
3. Without A Conscience
4. War
5. Dying Of Everything
6. My Will To Live
7. By The Dawn
8. Weaponize The Hate
9. Torn Apart
10. Be Warned

Review by Michael on January 17, 2023.

So after all these years of listening to Obituary they finally surprised me with their new and 11th full-length album Dying Of Everything. Kicking off with some keyboard sounds they have switched to some more gothic-like music with some female vocals…………

So, everybody who got shocked now – stay calm. I am just kidding! Dying Of Everything is of course a very solid Obituary album without any surprises and if I had to compare it to some of its predecessors, I would say that it has some similarities to The End Complete or the 94 follow-up World Demise what you can clearly notice in the opener 'Barely Alive' with the typical Obituary staccato- riffs and the usual groovy drums. Most of the songs groove as hell just like this one and this time Floridian guys have focused more on some mid-tempo tracks. Some of the tracks like 'Without A Conscience' or 'War' may be quite average for Obituary (which still is beyond the “normal” average) and with the closer 'Be Warned' you have a very lame and boring song which is fortunately at the end of the album so that you can turn it off six minutes earlier.

There are also some really amazing killer tracks on the album like 'The Wrong Time' or the title track with an interesting drum pace at the beginning. John Tardy's vocals sound as fresh as 30 years ago and his “ughs” and his sick grunts here and there are fantastic death metal entertainment (although he sometimes exaggerates with these grunts in some tracks). Another fine example of the typical groovy death metal Obituary plays is 'My Will To Live'. I would say that if you had to play a song to someone to characterize most of Obituary’s musical history this one may be a good one for that. But my personal favorite tracks on Dying Of Everything are 'Weaponize The Hate' with easy understandable lyrics, a faster pace and some really great guitar solos which reminds me a lot of 'World Demise' and 'Torn Apart'. This one has some more galloping and groovy elements and is goddamn catchy. These two songs might be the best ones that the guys have released within the last 20 years. The production is done very well although sometimes the drums sound a little bit hollow and John Tardy's vocals a little bit thin. But that is just moaning for complaints sake.

Dying Of Everything is a good album which naturally doesn’t top Cause Of Death but it also has not become their weakest one. If you like Obituary you'll probably enjoy the album very much but if you have never heard them before (there isn't anything wrong with that by the way) better check out Cause Of Death first.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 dying points